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Am I on the right track?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) February 17th, 2009

For now I am a journalism major and this is my first year in college. So far I have only taken English 101 and Philosophy. Right now I am taking Health 123, Sociology 1, French 4 and I was wondering if I need Business 1? Because I am taking it but am not sure if I need it and i don’t wanna go ask the counseling office because my grades were really bad last semester..
Hope anyone out there can help.. thanks!

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Just because your grades were bad in the past doesn’t mean your counseling office doesn’t want to help you. Please go and talk to them. They will know your situation better than anyone online, and when it comes to situations involving your education, it’s best to get high quality advice (given by your school) versus random internet advice. :)

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It would be easier to help if you mentioned what you plan to do with your journalism degree. Television journalism? PR or corporate communications? Newspapers (I hope not as the industry is so shaky it may not make it until you graduate), online journalism?

The answer to that question would help inform what your other course choices should be. Also, if you plan on graduate school, look at the prerequisite requirements for the program you plan on attending.

You might also speak with a trusted professor if you do not want to go to the guidance office.

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It really depends on your school and your program, how many elective classes you are allowed and what categories those can come from. We can’t advise you on that, go talk to your counselor or a trusted faculty in the journalism department…your counselor would be my first choice.

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The best thing you can possibly do is go and talk to your adviser or the head of your department….Different programs have different requirements at different schools and the only way to know that is to talk to an adviser or faculty member from the program.

If it’s not a specific program and it’s just something that you’re putting together yourself (like a liberal arts degree) then I would suggest that you DEFINITELY take business….business classes (at least the basic ones) can never hurt you – unless you’re failing – in fact, the more classes you take in areas like technology and business the better off you are for getting a job.

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