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Are there any middle or high school or colleges that have a viking for their mascot and green and gold for their colors?

Asked by mystuff (66points) February 17th, 2009
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Interestingly enough, one of our high school rivals fits this exactly.

Spring Valley High School
Green and Gold, Spring Valley Vikings

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One of our schools in town also, West High has the same colors and mascot.

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oh… so close… valley center were the vikings and they were gold and purple.

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Hey Perchik If SVHS is a rival I’m assuming you’re RNE or maybe Irmo?

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Well that was a couple years ago… I was RVHS, not really a rival,but still in our district.

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Go Blazers?! Did you know that all of Richland 2 except RNE are now upper state so they play Rock Hill and Sumter and such?

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Valley High in Las Vegas, but the colors are red and white.

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Woodbridge Senior High School in Woodbridge, Virginia

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