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What is the most outragous thing you have ever seen another human being do?

Asked by Kiev749 (2092points) February 17th, 2009

People Do That?!!!

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I really want to steal tennesseejac’s story, even though i (obviously) wasn’t there, i totally saw it in my head (over and over again)

please make it stop! ohhh, the humanity!

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lol that is indeed epic. I dunno just shooting from the hip here but, my buddy was having his 21st birthday and he was like shit faced drunk and we kept giving him power drinks telling him it would sober him up, but they were actually those power drinks that have as much booze in it as beer. So anyways he is drinking this thing after an embarrassing visit to taco bell and like hes not really drinking it, hes just taking big sips and spitting it out all over the place. Well we turn this corner and he spits this shit out all over an unsuspecting homeless man just chillin there. and we are all like :-O zomg and the homeless guy is like. Dude wtf and like got all up in our faces and stuff. I thought we were gonna have to fight this dude till one of my friends busted out a $20 and gave it to that guy. “Best 20 dollars I ever spent” he said. Anyways so we get him back to this house and hes all sick and throwing up and stuff and we tell him to put his shoes on cause we are leaving and he just starts crying. like not weeping but crying really loud and it was just like wow this is outrageous. I dunno not as good as tennesseejacs story but a bum get spit on and a grown man cry like a baby in one night.

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I saw a kid bong a bottle of scotch when we were in high school. Ran around the house about 5 times and then passed out under a tree. Also I watched a kid I knew spray lighter fluid on a kid everyone picked on and then throw a match at him. Pretty bad shit haha

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I saw our president stick his head up his ass for 8 whole years….does that qualify ?

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yes… haha

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@Johnny_Rambo. Nice answer and very true.

I don’t know if I would call this outrageous but it certainly was amazing. On a television show years ago, I saw a Hindu Mystic (a Fakir, I think) who was 6 feet tall and he squeezed himself into a transparent box that was 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 4 feet deep. He contorted himself into crazy positions and dislocated joints to fit his entire body inside the cube. I can’t remember how long he stayed inside the box though.

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Thanks Bluefreedom, Letterman had a college kid on one night who curled his buddy into a gym bag and carried him off. It was quite a feat.

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@Johnny_Rambo Apparently America had its collective head up its ass too for re-electing him. So who’s to blame?

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My buddy from college, Zeke, is about 350lbs and a helluva guy. We made our way down to Manchester, Tennessee with a couple of buddies for the 2004 Bonnaroo Music Fest when I watched him eat a half ounce of psychedelic mushrooms for breakfast with nothing but a beer to chase it down on a hotass summer Saturday. I wasn’t too worried because I knew Zeke could handle his fare share of drugs and just the night before he was perfect after dropping two hits of acid followed by sucking down a couple nitrous balloons. We hung around camp about another half hour until it was about high noon when the sun was baking every piece of skin that was exposed and I could tell these shrooms were starting to kick in, so we started the lengthy walk to the stages where the music was playing. On our stroll, which felt like a voyage in the Lord of the Rings, it started to sprinkle and I could tell this was going to be one of the greatest days ever. Trudging along on the now moist ground I noticed that Zeke had taken off his soaked tie died Grateful Dead t-shirt and wrapped it around his head acting like a desert commando and from my stand point looked like he was doing some sort of Tai chi chuan. As the rain increased so did the amount of clothes that Zeke was taking off and before I knew it he was only wearing his Dead shirt which was still around his head. By this time we were at the peak of our magical mushroom adventure and we had reached Centeroo where the mud puddles were unavoidable because of the 90,000 hippies dancing around to the sounds of the latest jam bands. We made our way to a tent where there were tons of people waiting on the next band to come on and Zeke finds his way on the stage and starts going to town on the drum kit. I was tripping balls so I knew Zeke was out of it, but his rendition of a John Bonham drum solo was actually pretty good and the crowd was loving it! It didn’t take long for the sound guys and security to chase him off the stage where he found a golf cart and took off, still naked. Later that day on my hunt for Zeke I stumbled upon the largest mud wrestling escapade anyone could imagine and decided to go a couple of rounds. After looking for Zeke all day I washed off in the fountain and allowed Primus to melt my face.

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@BONZO great story, but Im going to go ahead and call BS because I know what security is like at Bonnaroo and there is no way a 350 trippy muddy guy is going to get on stage, much less make it to where he can sit behind a drum set. And, nice visuals by the way. If you had a picture of ol’ Zeke (which Im sure someone would have if this actually happened) then I would believe you

*As for me, I saw a woman get sawed in half once

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my buddy Zeke

and he is very convincing, so I know he could easily talk down the gatekeeper

We were pretty hammered so maybe none of it really happened, but that is how I remember it

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Bear Grylls and David Blaine top my charts, though they are both idiots…
well, maybe not Grylls
This website rocks, and you may find things that amaze you!

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there were these two girls and a cup

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when I was in junior high, I watched a girl going through a particularly stupid goth phase sew criss-cross stitches with red thread into her hand… the big padded part under the thumb… all during choir. [shudder]

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NMW: Not all America voted for Dubya, so to answer your question , approx. 51–53% of America’s registered voters had their collective head up their ass.

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…I’m still in shock from reading tennesseejac’s story just now, I can’t even formulate an answer to this question.

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I saw a guy slam a pint glass of beer, puke into the empty pint glass then immediately slam the puke back down. This guy thats his party trick I’ve seen him do it three different times. I saw the same guy digging through a girls puke picking out the half dissolved Kolodipins and eating them.

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@buster: You mean Klonopin?

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sick… sounds like a classy fellow haha

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I was in the bathroom at this club. People had put empty pints into the urinal trays. Obviously guys had then come along and in drunken fun been going “WHAAAYY FILL UP THE GLASS” with their urine.
Anyway, I stood next to this guy who goes “dare you to drink from that glass” *gesturing towards a full pint of warm piss.
In my drunken and happy state I went ” YEAH! OKAY!” and then picked up the soaking glass and took a horrible yellow mouthful.
The guy stood there in shock with a face that said “OH…. MY…. GOD!!!” mixed with the immediate “I think I’m going to be sick”.

That was a fun night. I regretted it in the morning though.

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@poofandmook Whatever clononazepams. Did i misspell that one too?

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@buster: I wasn’t trying to correct you… I just wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant.

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What exactly is the thing in question? I’m becoming curious now? I have no idea what yall are talking about.

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@La_chica_gomela Clonazepam is a drug marketed under the trade name Klonopin in the US. It’s used for RLS, anxiety and panic disorders, epilepsy… and probably other things, but those are the ones I’ve heard of.

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I saw my friend beat a guy with the guy’s violin, putting his bottom teeth through his lip. That was sick.

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So I was in a local supermarket two summers ago.

I shopped, then started walking back to the car. Picture the relatively small, 95% empty parking lot (there were like 3–5 cars there including mine).

An old lady and a woman of about 40 or 50 who seemed to be her daughter are walking towards the entrance as I am leaving.

Old lady pulls down her pants right then and there, in the middle of the parking lot (not behind her car or anything), and starts to pee.

Yes, it happened.

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Hey man, when you got to go, you got to go. Would it really be so horrible if we were truer to our instincts in that way? I can get how that’d be shocking though.

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Would it really be so horrible if we were truer to our instincts in that way?

I suspect the world would smell a lot funnier than it already does…

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Lol very true @MacBean

I personally think it’s more a question of respect (including self-respect) than being true to your “instincts”.

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