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Can I sell my iPod for what its really worth?

Asked by tennesseejac (3778points) February 18th, 2009

Correct me if Im wrong, but Ive done this and I assume its legal for me to buy CDs from a music store, bring them home and rip them onto my iTunes, and then sell them back to the same store for a third of what I originally paid just so that store can sell it as a “used CD”

Whats the difference? The artists are not making any money off of the resell either way. I know if I could get an iPod loaded with 200 albums I would buy it (as long as the price was right)

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When you sell your CD, you sell your rights to have the songs. So keeping your songs after selling the CD is illegal.

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I don’t understand your question. Are you saying you want to charge more for the iPod because it already has music on it? Or are you asking about if ripping and reselling the CDs is legal? Your question kind of has two parts but neither make sense by themselves.

Like @wilhel1812 said, if you sell the CDs, you should not technically keep ripped copies of the album, as you have sold your “license” to someone else. But, it is true that if you buy a used CD, neither the artist or the label makes any money on it, so I don’t really see why they never got so upset over that.

If you try to charge more for an iPod with music already on it, then that would also be illegal I believe, as you would be profiting from the sale of music that you have no right to sell.

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The illegal music on your ipod is worth nothing. First of all, all the same songs are freely available on the internet. Second of all, when some idiot syncs it to a new computer, it will probably replace the library in the ipod anyway. (if you have autosync turned on in itunes in the new computer)

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You can get software to bypass the sync catastrophe (dreaded lifehack, my condolences to the geeks).

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All I know, is I wouldn’t buy it.

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I might buy it since two have been stolen from my home by guests! LOL

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