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What should I do for my birthday?

Asked by christybird (813points) October 11th, 2007

I will be 28 next week…I am a poor graduate student and too stressed and busy to coordinate anything elaborate, but would like to get some people together for something other than just a drink at the local bar. Any thoughts? All suggestions would be welcome.

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Do karaoke or a board game night.

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4 sure do something different, after all u be 28 years old. i thing u shuld have party, its good to remenber are birthday party, anyway u shuld let know your frends about your intention, they probably gona have lots i good idea. . . . . i wish u an happy birthday. *** have fun u be 28 just once, “party time”

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We had a brunch at our apartment for my boyfriend’s 28th birthday. We made pancakes and people brought stuff, lots of could call it the birthday brunch?

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Throw yourself a birthday party—cake and all. Your friends can bring food.

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I remember you christybird, aren’t you the one who really understands language? So for a birthday present how about one of two treats for yourself: either a Silent Day where all your friends do wonderful things for you without words (or even notes), OR, a very, very word-delicious day in which all your friends find you very amusing things to read, and find or preferably write poems about you and trade them around and read them aloud to you in front of everybody. You can ask someone else to coordinate this. Mimosas can help make any of this better. As can pancakes.

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Thanks for all the ideas, everyone!

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Or even cheaper than that is lazer tag

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