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How many gig of your hide drive(s) is dedicated to iTunes downloads or ripped?

Asked by Modern_Classic (583points) November 21st, 2006
Just puchased a shuffle and it's changed my life. iTunes library is taking over my computer.
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Currently, about 8 gigs... but I have a fair amount of music I still intend to add to my library.
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Just over 5 gigs now, I did some pruning.
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It will be more it I ever digitize my records.
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about 30 gigs. All the music I own is on the computer.
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I may be a little late to the iPod paradigm shift but...whoa...this is really interesting. I think I'll have to keep this in mind for the next computer hardware upgrade.
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not a big fan of iTunes, but I've been running out of hard drive space on my laptop for a year now. 25 gigs of albums and another 10-15 of random music picked up while travelling. That's pretty much 80% of my entire space!
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I'm at 45 gigs. Fortunately I have 500 gigs of total space.
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45 gigs as well.

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I have 15 gigs of music on the itunes on my laptop, and probably 60 gigs of movie and anime on my external hard drive

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Between podcasts, music, and videos; about 30GB.

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