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Can anyone think of a company that started off only selling their own products but then branched out to selling competitor's products as well?

Asked by questionite (22points) February 18th, 2009

Looking for a company that sells products that directly compete with their own lines (i.e. not Apple, which only sells peripherals)

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Most groceries and pharmacies sell name brands as well as their own house brands. Other companies have purchased competitors and maintained their brands.

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Apple. They sell Microsoft Office which is a directly compete with their own iWork.

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Nintendo. They originally competed with Sega (Genesis v. SuperNintendo, Mario v. Sonic), and now Sonic games are made for Wii, and all his old games are available thru the Wii Store.

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Trailways was aquired by Greyhound.

XM was aquired by Sirius Radio

KIA was aquired by Hyundai

and so on and so on

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Adobe buying up Macromedia? Adobe doesn’t sell their competitors products though, they bought up the entire company. Does that make this answer invalid?

What makes this example a little more interesting is that (in a way) they replaced one of their own products with a product from the recently acquired competitor.

Adobe purchased Macromedia to add the pograms Flash and Illustrator to their software package. After that they merged their own products Photoshop and Imageready to make room for Fireworks in this new package.

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Marvel is being acquired by Disney

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Odd i think, DC seems more compatible with the Disney mentality.

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D.S?, D.S light, D.S multi-pack? I dont know really, but their company is always giving it new names with just a little bit of new availabilities but all of the new ones are really awesome!

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Mcdonalds. launched chicken later to compete with Dirty Bird or kfc

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