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Will you vote on my Threadless design?

Asked by shockvalue (5797points) February 18th, 2009

It’s got Robots AND Orange Juice. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Just log in, click I would buy (you don’t actually have to buy it) and click 5. Let’s see democracy in action… (Think of it as a rigged election, you know like 2000)

Thank you all so much!
Special thanks to Eambos for the encouragement.

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Done. I had seen that design a couple of days ago since Eambos linked some of us to your flickr account (in the chat room). I thought it was pretty cool then too, so I don’t think my voting for it is cheating in any form. Good Luck!!

Edit – Actually, I am not sure whether it went through or not, does the page show any kind of confirmation?

Re-edit – I checked by going on the Participation tab and it does say I marked it a 5, so it worked. yay!

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done. not too shabby if you get the foil on there.

oh and i got ANOTHER threadless gift cert yesterday for making a suggestion to the skinnyCorp. i lurve threadless.

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haha awesome! thanks guys.

Don’t forget to whore me out to your friends!

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Good Luck, I hope it gets printed, that would be awesome, can you tell us anymore about how you came up with the design?

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@miasmom Thanks! roughly six months ago, I was on a bus up to Boston to visit a friend. About halfway into the trip, the guy sitting next to me pulled out a bag or oranges and actually squeezing oranges into a cup on his lap! Now, normally I’d say I love orange Juice as much as the next guy. But apparently not, since the next guy couldn’t wait to get off the bus before drinking his delicious orangy goodness.

Anyway, I’m pretty much always thinking about robots. And I started thinking about how I wish I had robot laser vision so I could steal his tasty orange juice. But since I lack such awesome powers, I decided to draw a robot with orange juice in my sketchbook instead.

A few months later I reworked the design in photoshoop. And now I’ve reworked it again into the t shirt what lies before you.

here’s a link the picture!

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Wow, I don’t think I could have given a longer explanation if I tried!

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Oh goodness. I love love love robots.

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If it was on black, I would buy. Oh man, and the foil too. Nom nom nom.

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Ha, I could probably Get them to print it on black. Especially if enough people ask for it.

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What a great design! I like the idea of the black background as well.

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@richardhenry So, what exactly were you noshing on? The fruit? haha

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@chyna Oh, you didn’t know? Richardhenry eats foil. It’s a compulsion, and I’m sure he’d appreciate you didn’t call him out on it.

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@shockvalue I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up.

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haha no problem. He’s just sensitive is all.

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@shockvalue He seems the sensitive sort.

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There, there, it’s okay now.
(Dries Richie’s tears from his eyes.)

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Wow, I like! In return, you can help me get awesome scores on my slogans which are tanking

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Done and done!

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Woah, I didn’t see this!

Voting it up right now! I’m happy that you submitted it.

If it gets in, I’ll be sure to buy one!

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Great! thanks. feel free to whore me out to all your friends. Then it’ll have a higher chance of getting printed.

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@shockvalue <shaking head> shameless..

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Done and done. Good luck guys!

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I would like a real juicebot, please.

Thank you.

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@aprilsimnel haha. well…
step 1: shirts.
step 2: real juicebots
step 3: ???
step 4: profit

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@shockvalue Do you know how many votes it needs to get printed?

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Couldn’t say. All I know is that everybody who has a shirt in the running is getting all their friends to vote theirs up and vote everyone else down. So I probably won’t win… my last two designs didn’t score very well. So, while I remain optimistic, my hopes are not set too high.

However, the more people you can get to vote a “5” and to click “I’d buy it” the higher chance I have of getting my design printed.


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I believe a shirt has a five day period to be voted upon, and then they take the 3–4 best rated shirts and print a new batch every monday.

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Hmm. It says it has seven days left.

I guess you guys better get crackin’! Haha.

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you got it….

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No I shalln’t.

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