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What should Marisa and I do?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8263points) February 18th, 2009

We are bored. We are in NYC. We are broke. We are only slightly hungry. We are downtown. It is gross outside. It is 7pm. We can’t drink; we have class tomorrow. We like art and stuffs. I need to be back by midnight. Ideas?

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Do some tagging! Find an old, abandoned tunnel or something. Whatever.. could be fun.

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Wow. Uhm – people watch in Grand Central?

Go to the Strand Bookstore @ 12th and Broadway, in the East Village and skim the books gratis. lotsa cool stuff there.

Get a slice at Lombardi’s.

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Go to a bookstore and look around, browse and have a coffee. Bookstores are often open late.

You can go to the public library and see who can find the oldest book.

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You could have sex with each other. Just throwing it out there..

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You could ask each other, “What are some outrageous things we could do?”

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two words: interpretive dance.

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see if you can still join in the fun!

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If you’d asked this earlier, I could have arranged to meet you there, I’m only 50 miles away!!

eponymoushipster’s idea is a good one. You can see all kinds of different people at Grand Central

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Soho galleries?
The sex museum? surely you’ve already been there
A long walk to Battery Park, or South Street Seaport, or to and across the Brooklyn Bridge and the artsy fartsy stuff there.
Go East and check out what’s going on in Alphabet City.

Come on! You’re in the Big Apple! A billion things to do, even if you are broke! You must have your iPhones, so you can’t be that broke, anyway.

Besides which. You’re TitsMcGhee. Surely you can scare up an escort, if you need to get into a club or something. Astound them by turning down free drinks.

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Order take out and rent a movie?

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So… what’d you end up doing? Don’t leave us hanging, Tits!

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We had an herbal refreshment or two then ventured down to NYUland in search of noodles after sending an email to Noodles and Co lamenting the fact that there isn’t one in any of the 5 boroughs, or even New York State. We ventured homeward bound and played with a greyhound and watched Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels.

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oh Tits you should have joined in the fun….but your evening sounds just as fun!

A friend of mine is addicted to this noodle place in Forest Hills, a tad too far to go for you, but still awesome noodles!

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Next time your with a lady, or if any guy is with a lady.. make dinner MALE, Guy, Dude the guy makes the dinner, turn on the TV or some kind of a entertainment to just relax. This usually means the night is yours. If she asks you to do something, even as simple as “Lets play Yahtzee” Do it! Unless of course if its like Criminal stuff then you have a choice, Let the lady show her hobbies and stuff… this is of course all if your dating her guys, and I know your thinking “Hey when do i get laid” well thats up to you, the night is yours.

ugh I cant Stress this, there a humongo losers out there….Unless it’s your sister, don’t ever date your sister, Lmao

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Go to a food pantry, apply for EBT food benefit cards, get part time jobs, study hard and try to enjoy life from your earnings from work and try to engage other social activities and try to get internships at art related sites. You can live, work, study, enhance your careers and have a semblance of a life but it doesn’t come gift wrapped. You have to do some work for it and find your niche in society where you eventually think you will settle in. Above all: never close the doors of imagination; they are crucial to you if you are serious about being ensconced in the life path you wish to pursue.

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Try Living Social look up Deals now.. find restaurant and Go see flick at the infamous Angelica. Should be a $50 night of fun.

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