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how do I know if there is a virus on my iPhone? And is there any anti virus software available for iPhone? Will there be?

Asked by kevinstone04 (6points) October 12th, 2007 from iPhone
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There are currently no viruses in the wild for OS X or OS X Mobile, the operating system iPhone uses. Currently, iPhone is closed to the kind of third party development that could allow viruses to become an issue. Also, Apple has been swift to respond to any vulnerabilities found in desktop OS X and has released patches before such issues have affected consumers. It is very rare that such vulnerabilities are found. On the few occasions I’ve known it to happen, it has become headline news.

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strictly speaking, there is no such thing as OS X Mobile… the iphone runs OS X, period. it obviously doesn’t include everything that OS X on the mac includes, but it’s still called OS X.

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You’re right, I should have put “OS X mobile” in quotation marks and capitalized it thus to emphasize that there is no distinct brand.

An explanation for the curious: an optimized distribution of OS X is installed in iPhone and iPod Touch, another in Apple TV. They are tailored to suit their environments: unnecessary drivers are stripped and a different interface is provided, etc. Instead of branding the different distributions, Apple chose to emphasize their similarities, capitalizing on the excellent reputation of the OS X desktop operating system.

Other important reasons exists for Apple downplaying the uniqueness of “OS X mobile”: by establishing a distinct brand, Apple would create an unnecessary distinction between device and Operating System, which could confuse customers, possibly into believing that some firmware updates won’t be free!

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Lets see what happens when the SDK is released….

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I’d love to think there won’t be any.

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Hello, AT&T has told me that I probably have a virus on my iphone 3G. I believe that it is actually an installed text message tracking software. How can I tell if this is true? Is there a way to see installed programs like this? I am being spied on and would like to take legal action if I can prove the activity.

I have reset my iphone, and if my problem continues I am told to call Apple to further instruct me.

Also, as of right now, my iphone has lost all it’s contact info, photos, voicemail password, notes, etc… if I upload my old data from itunes and there was a text message tracking program installed before the reset, will this reload that spying software along with all my contact info, photos and other data?

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