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What came first, the chicken nugget or the egg mcmuffin?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) February 18th, 2009


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Pretty sure it was the chicken nugget.

Egg mcmuffins I believe were invented by some guy in the ‘70s. He was attempting to create a sort of “eggs benedict to go”, but the sauce came out funky, so he just used cheese instead…and there you go!

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Egg McMuffin was first by several years. I worked at a McDonald’s back in the early 80’s. When I started there they didn’t have Chicken McNuggets yet, but the Egg McMuffins had already been there for quite a few years.

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Yah, Egg McMuffin® – 1972 – did precede the arrival of the Chicken McNugget® – 1983 – ...

- – but – -

…the querent simply asked about the “chicken nugget” which was originally invented by Robert C. Baker in the 1950’s (thanks, Wikipedia).

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Really? But they came in the 70s…McDonalds was around in the 50s and I thought for surre they had nuggets then.

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@seekingwolf- I don’t know what McDonald’s you were eating McNuggets at in the 1970s, but I know it wasn’t here in Northern California.

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Chicken nuggets in general were invented in the 1950s, but Chicken McNuggets (McDonalds’ nuggets) were introduced in 1983. Egg McMuffins were invented in 1972.

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I don’t know which came first but I’d like to try out a Chicken McMuffin, if I could, with a side order of pancakes.

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< < thought that all McDonald’s had back in the ‘50’s were hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

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The Farmer came first.

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@Bluefreedom – You know they have those chicken breakfast biscuits, right? Well, you could ask for a special order and have them whip you up a Chicken McMuffin.

It’s that Paul Simon song all over again.

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I’m going to Chick-Fil-A.

No wait. Scratch that.

I’m going to Bojangles.

Awwwwwwww yah!

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chicken or the egg… i heard it in a song, thought it was intriguing.

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@robmandu Chik-fil-a all the way!
Oh wait. Was that a cheer?

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I hate the ad where it’s like “are you a nuggethead?” and there’s a video of people having a wedding cake out of mcnuggets. I mean, wtf? Who would actually do that?

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Man! Now I’m hungry…

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Some people would say that this is the preeminent philosophical question of the 21st century. There is a pecking order to these questions, but now that everything else has been answered, this one is it. Despite all clucking about this controversy, we have yet to crack the shell on it.

Before I ruffle any more feathers, I want to say that I’m agnostic. I have never tasted a Chicken McNugget. To accuse me of anything other than the truth is pretty cheesy. Anyway, if you toss me the ball, I won’t be muffin the catch. So, to conclude, if you can find a nugget of sense in these words, I’ll have to be chicken your sanity!

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@robmandu- Bojangles was a famous gay bar in Sacramento.

Before it burned down.

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Does anyone else dip their McNuggets (and fries too!) in honey?

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I dip mine in ranch dressing.

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I dip my fries in flavored mayo or liberally sprinkle them with malt and vinegar. We’ve got so many pomme frites joints and chips shops in this burg that I’ve gone right off ketchup.

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mmm… garlic mayo

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@Allie – my husband does. I like the hot mustard.

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@cak YAYYY for your husband (and other incredibly wonderful people who use honey).

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@Allie – he’ll be thrilled that someone agrees with him!

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