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April 14th: So who is going to be doing their taxes at the last minute?

Asked by steelmarket (3598points) February 19th, 2009

‘fess up – I am sure that I am not the only one !

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Most of my clients, busiest time of year is the between March 15 and April 15

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meh. I’ll do mine next year.

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My federal taxes are done already, but not submitted, because I haven’t done state, and they must be submitted at the same time. I was thinking about this this morning, and wondering If I’ll wait until the beginning of April, like I usually do, to submit them. The refund isn’t that big, so it doesn’t make much difference.

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UGH! I get mine done early. Now, I don’t pay them until late March or early April, but they will be done in the next week or two.

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I hope to be done with mine by this weekend. I have been a last-minute filer many times in the past… even dropped them off at the post-office minutes before midnight once!

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