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Have you ever been caught doing anything when you thought that no one was looking?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) February 19th, 2009 from iPhone
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Guilty of nose and wedgie picking
Some times you just have to!

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i once got caught having sex in my parents bed. my mom asked why i didnt just do it on the couch. HAHA. how embarrassing.

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I flashed my partner (my breasts) one summer ago while walking back to the car where he was waiting. I had thought no one was around to observe it, but my partner swears that there was an oncoming car which got a good eyeful.

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@A_Beaverhausen You just reminded me of a time when my friend and I were playing truth or dare in my bedroom with a couple guy friends. One dare involved someone taking their pants off, and just when they were about to, my mom came barging in yelling “what do you girls want to become, sluts?”. That was a terrible moment!

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Scratching various things one isn’t supposed to scratch in public.

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Oh, hell yes. Mostly talking to myself. I’m sure many of my customers are frightened of the crazy mailman.

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Hehe yes, that’s all i’m saying.

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Urinating in public. Three words – embarrassing beyond belief.

No matter how discreet you are or how alone you think you might be, things are never what they appear to be, apparently.

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yea i was dancing at my job (michael jackson style) and they saw me on camera. stupid security

nebule's avatar’s always the dancing!

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singing. all the time actually.

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@lynneblundell Don’t you like to dance in the grocery store?

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@Darwin i once had a math teacher in high school who was notorious for leaving chalk dust on the crotch of his pants!

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@jonsblond this is very true! and whiz down the aisles, feet off floor, on trolley…but that’s another story

@futurelaker88 ? dancing…I meant…I’m always getting caught dancing… (and whizzing down the aisles in the supermarket….)

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@lynneblundell – oh lol ok. yea i dance everywhere, bookstores, mall, work, home, wherever, and people see me, but its all good, they know they do it too

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After a budget meeting and listening to all the reasons why the bosses son didn’t have his department’s budget ready; therefore, ALL other departments had to find more to cut, to cover his department, I lost it in my office. I was talking out loud and a bit animated with my arms and a certain finger – while looking at a company photo. My assistant came in, looked at me and didn’t say a word. She just went over and shut the blinds on my window so the rest of the department couldn’t continue watching my meltdown.

I got the invitation, by several of my employees for a drink after work. I politely declined, went home and wanted to crawl under my bed.

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cleaning out my nose ring (which is a nice way of saying “picking my nose”), wedgie/bra adjusting.

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I’m with astro. I have big intense conversations with absent friends whenever I walk around.
When I notice someone’s getting close, I pretend I’m singing, but I know I don’t fool anyone.

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i moonwalked down an 80 foot isle at work while unbeknowest to me, my manager had just flipped the security camera to the channel and just as i had gotten to the end my friend (who was driving a forklift, who was stopping said lift) hit me hard enough where i was knocked about 10 feet.
The manager was sure to record that moment and showed it to the entire store after we were closed. and is now also shown to all new trainees on the importance of no horseplay at work. or forklifts will find you.

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Well, back when I was eighteen or so, my girlfriend and I were having a little fun on a backroad in the front seat of my pickup truck, and while her legs were in the air and I was getting down to business, a guy in a car came along and decided it was a spectator sport. It has happened more than once, and you’d think I would’ve learned, or at least bought a car with a back seat.

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Should I?
Yea, what the hell…

Sister-in-law & her son decided to come over one day and drop something off while the wife was gone. I happened to be… umm… “entertaining” myself on the couch and apparently forgot to lock the front door. I hear the door open followed by a “hello?” I quickly sat up and put a pillow over my lap.
Funny yet? It get better.
For whatever reason, they decided to spark up a conversation. Our front room had a couch, love seat, and recliner in it not to mention the large coffee table. More than enough places to sit, but not good enough for them on that particular day. No, they opted to sit right next to me. One on each side.
They finally left and, as I found out later, they had no idea what they were a part of.

Good times :/

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@Sakata, thanks buddy, that gave me the best OMG laugh of the week. I’ve had terrible nightmares about things like that. I’m still chuckling.

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@Sakata That is why all ‘entertaining of oneself’ must take place in the bedroom or bathroom, with the door locked! I learned this the hard way, too. Some people have keys to the front door!

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Oh, Auggie. You know how to capture my attention.

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Oh…. I never would have thought of keys….. That’s how my parents keep walking in…

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ohhhh I can’t believe I forgot this one… though now that I remember, I wish I hadn’t:

After my grandfather died, my dad and I moved in with my grandmother to help her. I was in my room, which was next to hers, “entertaining myself” (as Sakata so eloquently put it) with a little help from a DVD… ballpark 2am. I guess with the ceiling fan on, I didn’t realize how loud the TV was. My grandmother came knocking on my door, worried because she “heard me crying”. WORST EVER.

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As a young highschooler I got caught making sweet, passionate monkey love to a couple of throw pillows. Good times. Thanks for walkin in so fast mom.

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Swearing…..and I won’t go into detail and who I was swearing at.
My parents are fine with me rarely swearing, but not at people)

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ummmmm….. talking to myself and calling my big bro everything in the book!!!! ooopppps sorry but my nanny said that she was proud of me. Yea and also public bra adjusting they just wont stay!!!

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One time my girl cousins and I were in Brookshire`s checking out this totally cute dude and then that same day we were in the mirror section in Wal*Mart fixing our hair and taking pictures and videos with the cameras!

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My boyfriend and I were entertaining each other on his roommate’s couch when said roommate comes home from a long shift at Red Robin. We quickly pull a nearby blanket over ourselves before he rounds the corner and huddle naked under there while he sits down in his recliner, tells us about his day, and chills out like nothing is unusual for about 45 minutes. To this day we can’t decide whether he was deliberately torturing us or completely clueless, and we can’t ask because that would mean admitting that we devirginized his couch.

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