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How can I add traction to rope sandals?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) October 12th, 2007

So I have some rope sandals that I love. Something like these :

However when I wear them on linoleum, I might as well be walking on ice. Any suggestions how I might add traction to these?

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What about the wax used for skis?

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If your not averse, you could cut soles from thin rubber and glue them to the sandals with shoe goo.

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That’s what I’m considering…something along those lines.

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Perchik; now that I am thinking clearly, wax is used to speed things up and make the undersides of skis, skateboards, luges, etc slide faster. Ignore my misguided tip. Sorry’

What is shoe goo, BTW?

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It’s a brand of adhesive that’s designed for shoe soles that separate, as in Shoe Goo™. Not to be confused with “bridal snot,” which is used for on the spot dress/garment repair.

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Kev: you jest?

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Hmm. Maybe, I do. I’ve heard it (bridal snot) used before in a costume shop, but nothing is popping up on Google or Wikipedia. Well, shoe goo is real.

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Kev- any idea where to buy shoe goo and a strip of thin rubber?

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wal-mart, walgreens or maybe a fabric store for shoe goo. Hardware store for rubber, but go to a smaller one instead of a big box. Walgreens also sells replacement heel pads for shoes, so you might find something that works there.

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in an effort to get another years wear out of my beloved nomadic state of mind rope sandals, I did this: Put “Amazing Goop” glue on the heel part of the sole, where the rope was wearing down. So far, so good. I think this would work for you—it dries kind of rubbery. I got it at Joann Fabric, a fabric & craft chain. Or Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby.

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