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What are some favorite magazines that are read by the members of Fluther?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22944points) February 19th, 2009

There have been several questions on favorite books, authors, subjects, and genres so I thought I’d get an idea of favorite magazines this time around.

As for me, I have had longtime subscriptions to Arizona Highways and National Geographic and these are my favorites.

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The Economist is the only one I have a subscription to.

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I subscribe to Creative Review, and read Empire from time to time.

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I subscribe to Rolling Stone, National Geographic and the Utne reader.
I buy People, Us and the like for plane rides and when I’m sick.

Occasionally, I will buy Bitch or Bust just for fun.

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I actually don’t read any magazines, which is extremely ironic because I’m in charge of my university’s student magazine.

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GQ, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, Time, Newsweek, Gourmet, Under the Radar, The Big Takeover

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Lake Superior, Outdoor, Backpacker, Nat. Geo. and Time.

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GQ, Macworld, Kiplinger, PC Magazine, Time

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Woo hoo for National Geographic. It’s the best magazine ever.

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@tinyfaery I have a collection of National Geographic dating back to the 1960s.

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Paste, Rowing News, Communication Arts, Macworld

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I don’t actually suscribe to any magizines, but these are the ones I look at at the library:

The New Criterion, The New Yorker, Popular Science, The Atlantic Monthly, ARTnews, National Geographic, Scientific American, Harper’s.

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I like Thrasher a skateboarding mag and Revolver a music mag.

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Sports Illustrated.
but only the swimsuit issue…

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MentalFloss, New Yorker

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-SJ(Shonen Jump)
-Cosmo Girl

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@Kiev749 Popular Science
but only the swimsuit issue…

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New Yorker, Atlantic, The Economist, Harper’s; and when I’m getting my hair cut or oil changed, and standing in line at the grocery store, People and Us. Mmmmm, Brangelina.

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Being of ahem a certain age, I really like More I also read Newsweek when I have the time.

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Bon Appetit
Communication Arts
National Geographic
Atomic Ranch
Los Angeles
Hi Fructose

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The New Yorker, Southern Living, Sunset, The New York Times Book Review, Reader’s Digest (I know but my husband loves it when I read him the jokes), Smithsonian, Family Handyman, Better Homes and Gardens, Nautilus

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I’m an avid reader of TeenVogue, and thoroughly enjoy Rachel Ray Everday and Paula Dean’s magazine as well.

National Geographic is fascinating, too. :)

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I can’t be the only one who remembers and loved Spy magazine?

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Rolling Stone, Spin, and sometimes Nylon. I like the funnies in Reader’s Digest, too.

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The Economist, SI, and Paste are what i subscribe to. :D

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i am a recovering magazine junkie, i have to admit. mostly just fashion and music magazines.
ones i read regularly or subscribe to (though i’m cutting the latter down a whole lot):
-elle (i prefer the UK one, but it’s too expensive in the US)
-alternative press (a bit mainstream, but a long time favourite)
-vogue (i love all of the foreign ones, even the ones i can’t read because i only speak english [ :p ])
-spin (occasionally, not a big fan of it)
-under the radar

there are a few other music oriented ones, but i cannot think of their names. ):

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@SuperMouse – I subscribed to SPY in college. Isn’t it ”ironic”? I miss it.

I regularly read Time Out New York, The New Yorker, Harper’s, Private Eye & The Atlantic.

Every so often I’ll pick up Mojo or Q, especially if there looks to be a good CD attached. But they’re on the late show musically these days. I’m better off on the web for my NEXT! BIG! INDIE! BAND! THING! jones.

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well, my “roommate” has a subscription to Playboy but I dont read it

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Parenting and Prevention.

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Readers Digest


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@miasmom ha. do you know if there’s a magazine that combines the two, like Preventing Parenthood? ;)

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@eponymoushipster There should be huh?! And Octuplet mom should have read it!

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@miasmom yeah. she could sell subscriptions for it, as an example of why you should read it. and it’d support her cadre of anklebiters.

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Communication Arts
Nat Geo

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Food & Wine
Scientific American Mind
Modern Bride (It’s fun to dream, right?)

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I like to read Maximum PC, Scientific American, Mac User, and Esquire

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@aaronheaberlin808Maximum PC for me is like the Sears Christmas Wish Book was at 6, except it comes out every month.

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I miss George. :(

I just read whatever is in the waiting room or in the shitter

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I read Newsweek, National Geographic and Wired.

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Scientific American

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Harper’s Magazine (not Harper’s Bazaar)
Poets & Writers
Glimmer Train

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I don’t read any but if i could afford to I would read Philosophy Now… Hmmmm I might treat myself this week….

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Andy Warhol’s Interview – truly fascinating.
Better Homes and Gardens and several other home ‘zines – interior design junkie.
Real Simple

Occasional reading:
Reader’s Digest – great for a compulsive reader!
National Geographic

I am also a catalog junkie.

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Rolling Stone, Spin, The Big Takeover, No Depression (though I haven’t seen it in print for a while), and Performing Songwriter (though I haven’t seen it in print for a while), Fine Gardening, and many issues of Seattle Metropolitan.

My husband and I used to get more cooking/food mags, craft mags, and outdoor mags of one kind or another than we do now, but a lot of that is more available online these days.

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I haven’t a clue as to what other members read but I read whatever is laying around the doctors waiting area. Don’t ya hate those explicit medical pamphlets?

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Popular Photography
Green Building

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New Yorker, The Week, Cook’s Illustrated, New York Times Book Review

(Do I have to list AARP Magazine? They just send it here; don’t know why.)

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I subscribe to The New Yorker. I also get the New York Times Magazine out of the New York Times on Sunday.

When I’m in the bookstore, I love to read magazines and drink coffee. I like Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, Harper’s, Atlantic Monthly. I also like cooking and craft magazines.

I used to LOVE Spy Magazine and National Lampoon. I wish they were still around. I used to save my copies but when I moved I left them. I also used to have piles of National Geographic, but they weighed a ton and they also got left behind. You can only save so much stuff, ya know?

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Nat Geo wins by a mile…

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I used to get the Highlights for Kids magazine, too. I’m too old for that now, but I still take a peek when I’m at the dentist.

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It seems that National Geographic is the most-collected magazine ever. My father bought up several decades’ worth from the beginning of the 20th century and stored them in our basement. (My first sight of what ladies were covering with their blouses.)

As I recall, The Journal of Irreproducible Results once published a scholarly article showing in scientific terms, and with appropriate mathematical analysis and projections, that the earth was on the verge of collapse as a result of the accumulated weight of saved National Geographics.

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I love National Geographic but can’t afford to subscribe right now so it’s a favorite stop at the library.

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National Geographic used to have great maps/charts. Some issues that have the red subtitle at the top would have these huge maps with charts on history, migrations, etc. – those were the ones I would collect.

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@jca…lurve for National Lampoon. I almost got kicked out of school in the sixth grade for bringing one in. It also made me remember Mad and Cracked.

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oh, augustlan reminded me – interview! i can’t believe i forgot it. it really is a great magazine.

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Popular Science
Popular Mechanics

This makes me feel a bit out of place. . .

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@Baloo72 : Don’t. My fella and I read Make. The others got repetitive for a while there.

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