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How many answers had your question with more responses than any other?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) February 19th, 2009 from iPhone

I wasbiusy looking at all the activity for me, in the one with the most responses in a question made of me, I had 38 answers, how about you?

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What question have I asked that has the most answers out of all the questions I’ve ever asked? If that’s what your asking, one of my questions has received 152 respones so far.

It would be this one here.

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I think this one is the one that generated the most responses for me. 139.

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1644 and counting.

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Can you send me a link Astro?

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I’m on my iPhone so it’s a major endeavor. If someone else doesn’t do it before tomorrow morning I’ll post a link when I’m at my computer.

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51 – create a conspiracy theory.

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I would link it for you AC, but I can’t find the damn thing! Song title game, right?

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1120 on this one of mine

be patient, it takes a minute to load

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I tend to get lots of “Great Questions” but very few answers when I ask something.

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Im so confused…

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Okay. Here you go.

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42, 40, and 40 (the last one is still kinda active). That’s for my questions from the last month, and I’m not sure if there are any others from before that.

My story is that I tend to not start those monster threads. That’s cool.

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99 for “Who is your celebrity look-alike”.

I’d send a link but I’m using an iTouch.

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My record is 94 – more than I expected.

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what is the best way to find this out?

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@Bri_L my method wasn’t very scientific, I just remembered a thread I started that got a lot of responses. I searched it and saw it got 94. I didn’t even bother to look at any of my other questions because I was pretty sure that one was the most popular.

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@SuperMouse My method too. :P

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Thanks! Here we go.


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You guys like sex0rsz lots…
My “last time you had sex” question which is up to almost 80 responses. Yayz.

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It was the song name game wasn’t it?
The most:
The least:

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Yup. So perhaps that shouldn’t count. Technically, it was a question, though.

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I say it counts.

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I never said it didn’t.

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I know you didn’t. I was questioning it myself. The fact that it is a game is the reason for all those responses. It’s fun, but not very informative.

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Yeah, like my Fluther Interview.

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