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Why do some people think they are good singers when they are obviously not?

Asked by BONZO (387points) February 19th, 2009

my little brother in the shower. holy $#it.

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They can’t hear themselves.

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Karaoke, bitches!

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Maybe they watch too much American Idol and fool themselves into believing they have a talent for singing when in reality, they don’t. And neither do the people who audition and then compete against each other on that show.

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because they’re on drugs

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If it makes him happy, whaddya gonna do? Maybe he’s singing for the joy of it and doesn’t care if he’s any good or not.

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I love my daughter. The girl can’t carry a tune…at all. She sings loudly, in the shower and the three of us just crack up. She knows, it’s not a secret, but I think she embraces her inner screeching.

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They probably just like singing. I like singing. I’ve gotten better at it recently (who said Rock Band wasn’t good for anything?), but even when I was pretty much awful I still did it all the time. Because it is fun. And I like it.

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I saw this article today and was reminded of this question: Most incompetent people are completely unaware of it.

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