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What can I do to keep pasta from sticking together?

Asked by BoyWonder (806points) February 20th, 2009

I made penne pasta the other day and I’d like to know ways and techniques to keep the penne from sticking together. I know oil is involved but when’s the best time to add it?

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After you drain it pour a little olive oil on the pasta and toss it.

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Damn it! B stole my answer. Yeah, add some oil to it. Not a lot, just a little bit.

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I prefer to use a little butter, myself. It all works the same. Drain it, put it in a bowl or back in the pot & toss with whichever fatty substance you choose :)

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I forgot to mention that something healthy would be preferred.

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A little olive oil is healthy.

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I put olive oil in the water before adding the pasta. Not much, a teaspoon or so will do. Then it won’t stick when you’re draining it.

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preferably virgin cold-pressed of course, unless you like bitter pasta, haha

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Yup, virgin, first cold pressed olive oil. And it is healthy!

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Also, make sure you’re using enough water to begin with. I never make pasta in less than a gallon of water. That way you have somewhere for the starchiness to go and it doesn’t hang onto the pasta like glue. Drain and rinse with cold water right away. Then toss a little oil in it.

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For the more healthy alternative:
When ALMOST ready, drain the pasta and rinse it in COLD water. Bring it up to a boil again, and Presto :D

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@cyndyh is on the money about the amount of water (just ask Alton Brown) and the olive oil suggested above is the was to go.

@augustlan: Butter? BUTTER?

This is my saddest day here in Flutherville as my respect for all things augustlan has just slid down one buttery notch. butter?!

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@cprevite : Yes, I learned it from Alton Brown. He’s one of my kitchen heroes. :^> Be nice about the butter. She can just add some parmesan cheese to that and have a meal.

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Rinse the pasta with cold water after you drain it. But only do this if you don’t want the sauce sticking to the pasta, because it washes away the extra starch that enables the sauce to adhere to the pasta.

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@cyndyh: Much lurve for Alton. I love him too.

Pasta with butter and cheese is quite yummy. I’m just teasing.

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the olive oil answer was the most popular :D

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I do the olive oil too, I hate that my mom runs it over with cold water because then none of the sauce sticks to it.

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Sometimes I add Parmesan cheese to the pasta & butter, and then add the spaghetti sauce, too. Yummy.

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@augustlan You do NOT! <<mock gasp>>

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I betcha she does. :^>

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I totally do. And I lurve it :)

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Hey. You hear that?

Julia Child spinning in her grave.

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<< Blowing raspberries at cprevite. And Julia.

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You’d probably drown those raspberries in maple syrup too. ;^)

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“Raspberries in maple syrup…...hmmmmmmmm.” <—-Homer Simpson-esque.

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When pastas are done cooking, rinse in cold water (this stops them from any further cooking, they will continue to cook until they are cool if you don’t do this). Shake off excess water and toss pasta with vegetable or olive oil, this will help prevent them from sticking together.

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