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What question of yours would you like to revive now that we have more members?

Asked by Bri_L (12196points) February 20th, 2009
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Good question. I’ve wondered at what point is a question not going to be slammed for being cyclical. I might pick my celebrity look-alike question.

Sorry, no link. iTouch.

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@jonsblonde I agree with you, if a question was asked a while ago and you search it and answer, the chances of anyone else answering it are slim to none. That takes the fun out of it. Then it’s just like you are talking to yourself. no matter what others tell you I never talk to myself. Yes you do. No I don’t. Shut up!

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How many fluther members are there?

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at least 137

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Apparently no one has found shell (who keeps running back and forth from the under swimming ?pool to the .frizzer) so I’d revive this question.

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All of them :s

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I’d like to revive the frizzer.

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Not my question, but I’d like to see what the newer users look like, so this one.

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Lurve @augustlan
I really want to see what everyone looks like. I know for sure now that you are not a humongous talking calligraphy “A”. ;)

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@queenzboulevard I went into that question and it was like WTH???? Whew! I was afraid that everyone thought that was normal!

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