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Why all of a sudden does a man stop being interested in me?

Asked by vickiloveschristopher (5points) February 20th, 2009

A guy I met a year ago was interested in me and I was married. He always flirts with me ask me if I’m still married. Then after a few months I finally decided to get a divorce. Then he finally asks me if I want to go to lunch on Valentines day? I said I would love it and he said great its a date then he said does that mean you’ll be my valentine? I said yes I will. Then he ask when will you be divorced? Do you want to date? Do you have someone in mind? I told him a few days later that I would like to someday date him. Then it all starts. He said you would date me? Wouldnt that be difficult? He said that he wants marriage and children and he dont think I want that? I told him that maybe if I was younger and he said age is not the problem just the fact that were on to different things. We go out on our date something I worked very hard to get ready for and he told me I would get to see his apartment when I pick him up. I go pick him up and he never showed me his apartment he was sick the whole date lasted 1 hour. Now somedays he is really nice and talks to me alot and other times he acts like nothing. He is totally driving me crazy. What is going on with him. I know he wanted to be with me for a year why is he acting so strange? What should I do? Before all of this happened I tried to stay away from him for a few days and then out of the blue he calls me text me told me he misses me. Then when I do that he wont even text me back anymore.

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You recognize that this guy has issues, that you’re recently ending a serious relationship, that you may need to work on you, that you probably deserve a guy who isn’t playing games, and you move on.

(About your name: is Christopher the guy in question?)

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Sometimes it is about the thrill of the chase.

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he’s just not that into you

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Yes Christopher is the guy. I know he really likes me I dont know what is going on with him?

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You “know he really likes” you because… um? From what you wrote, he doesn’t. He’s playing. You just got 3 answers from people saying, to quote emt333, that he’s just not that into you.

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Walk away. Many men like to flirt with married women because it’s safe. Now it’s dangerous.

Find something productive and interesting to do that will get your mind off you. Tutor kids, work in a soup kitchen, plant a community garden, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

You are giving him too much power if he is, indeed, driving you crazy.

Take an English comp course. Use breaks, clear punctuation, don’t repeat yourself. Learn how to shrink a long narrative to a short question. You don’t need the verse here. The chapter will do nicely. Keep your sentences short.

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Definitely run—quickly—from this nutball. Then go to your nearest library, bookstore or movie theatre and check out He’s Just Not That Into You.

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honey, just don’t let them mess you about. you deserve better x you are going through enough right now…what you need…really is your own space and time to get over your husband and divorce. best wishes xxxx

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He said that he wants marriage and children and he dont think I want that? I told him that maybe if I was younger and he said age is not the problem just the fact that were on to different things.

Sounds like possibly age could be the problem?

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dear vickiloveschristopher, the bottomline here is a man and a woman, either they mutually like one another the same way and want the same type of relationship or they simply don’t, though one’s dignity should always be pimary meaning if someone is into you they’ll either show it or they won’t… matter what the attraction is, your dignity is usually put to the test when it comes to relationships. Hopefully some of my opinion or all of it made sense :-)

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Some men find married women attractive because they find the danger of getting caught exciting. Now that you’re divorced that danger is gone. I hope he isn’t the reason for your divorce.

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