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How do you insert a picture into Excel W/O losing quality?

Asked by sergeantedward (60points) October 13th, 2007

I know how to insert pictures into Excel, and have even found some great Macros that can automatically do it for you. But there’s an issue.

Whenever I try to retrieve the picture, it always has lost a lot of quality. It starts to get pixelated, blurred, etc. And if you put a picture in, take it out, and repeat that a few times it starts to become unrecognizable.

Do you know how to import and export a picture without losing any quality or integrity in the picture?

Thank you!

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the simple answer is you can’t. Excel is a spread sheet programme that’s what is does. While the programme does have some functionailty fo rgraphics its not great and hence the loss of quality. For a graphic you should be saving the file as a graphic in a suitable format (non-lossie) and manipulating the graphic in a graphics programe. Even paint would be better than Excel.

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