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What do you feed your house elf?

Asked by shaunabe (95points) February 20th, 2009
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Elf food, duh! You can find it in your local grocery store in the frizzer section.

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She feeds me gourmet dinners.

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By hand. Very carefully!

edit: I was thinking you asked “how”. Screwed that one up!

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Spaghetti with maple syrup and some M&Ms and marshmallows thrown on top.

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My house elves live on a steady diet of obedience and submission.

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I feed mine shaunabes.

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Lucky charms, of course.

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Do NOT feed pancakes. You will be sorry

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moose droppings

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Chocolate covered pomegranate, blue kool aid made with mineral water so it’s fizzy and skittles (preferably the kind that come in the purple bag).

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the people i kill

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Moonbeams and glitter. But never after midnight. And I never let water touch them. Just cleaning supplies.

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Purina House Elf Chow™?

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@Grisson Keebler’s Elf-Its is a good snack for them.

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@jonsblond ELF-BONE Helps stop BAD BREATH IN ELVES

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Winston can be a right sonofabitch sometimes, I’ve never met a snobbier, shorter, or more hairy individual in my life. He wears the most ridiculous period stovepipe pants and this stupid tartan scarf…

I once accused him of being a nancy and the prick took a shit right there in the kitchen, right in the middle of the kitchen! I suppose it’s a valid rebuff when you’re so close to the floor.

The bastard will only eat spinach and prosciutto salads, and don’t ask me how I figured that out!

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you have to feed them? shit, now I know why mine died.

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they get enough from the food he cleans up off my floor.

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Dustballs with extra lint and mites, most days, but when they’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty, it’s seared baby trolls with toadstools and wild onions in a white wine reduction.

No one will ever say I was mean or stingy to my house elves.

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@Jamspoon – Well, give him some new clothes and he’ll be set free and leave. Of course, then the spiders will take over, and that will attract goblins and who knows what all else.

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My cat ate my elf :(

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Our dear Aug shows her dark side!

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