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Bottle Rockets, Fireworks or Firecrackers?

Asked by fireside (12354points) February 20th, 2009

Bottle Rockets



What’s your preference?

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all because they are flippin awsome dude!!!!! LOL!!!!!! No but really all of them because they are really cool to watch especially when its dark outside

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Definately fireworks. One of the towns we’re near has had humongous 4th of July celebrations for over 100 years. Our daughter lives just outside of town & we get to sit in their yard & watch the fireworks at night. It’s awesome.

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Yea fireworks because I`m from “The City of Lights” and we have huge firework shows like 8 times every year. They are so cool to watch.

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Talk about the lamest “firework” ever.

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Dangerous to your eyes and fingers but fun as hell. Bottle rocket wars. We shot them out of pipes, bottles, and lit them in our hands and threw them at each other. Also Roman candles are fun to shoot someone with. The most deadly thing in a bottle rocket war is Saturn missiles. Its a pack with forty missiles in it. You light it and lay it on it side with the projectiles facing your enemies and they scream and just go everywhere.

@elijahsuicide Snakes are pretty lame.


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no my bro put some black cats in a bottle then lit them.
Coolest thing ever!!!!!!!

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I like bottle rockets. Firecrackers are too quick, and real fireworks are too expensive.

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Sparklers!!!! Woo Hoo!!! They’re so pretty!

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Heeheehee! Firecrackers light up go BOOM! heehee!

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None at all. Not even sparklers! I grew up in a firefighter infested family, and heard too many horror stories. I like to watch fireworks, but from far, far away :)

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