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What do you Americans think of this?

Asked by mij (691points) February 20th, 2009

Just back from two weeks visiting my daughter in laws family in Cimaja, West Java, Indonesia.
What I thought was a promising start for the Obama adminitration was the hope and feeling the local village people had towards Obama becoming president.
They think the Iraq shoe throwing against George was the funniest thing… apologies to any Bush supporters out there.
I wonder what ordinary every day folks in the US feel how he’s going? It all seems positive here in Australia.

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What are you asking? Do you want to know what we think about the Obama presidency thus far, or do you want to know what we think about the Indonesians’ feelings about Obama?

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He’s doing fine. Jeez, it’s only been a month!

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I think most of us understand the joy of a post-Bushian world. We also know it won’t last. I can imagine Indonesians burning Obama effigies when tax breaks end for overseas production and American corps close factories there.

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I am already getting the usual amount of anti Obama email from my Republican friends stateside, but that is nothing out of the ordinary. What I am seeing from my perspective here in the Pacific Rim is that Obama is already commanding the respect that should be given the head of the USA. This was so sadly missing with Bush, he was constantly doing and making stupid remarks, he was the brunt of so many jokes. It was embarrassing to admit I am an American. Politics is politics, I just want a smart guy in that big white house and this one is a hell of a lot smarter and surrounding himself with smarter people than the last one!

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Well the stock market falls a little everytime he mentions ” how great” the economic problems are. And my childrens childrens childrens children will be paying off the national debt now : )

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Well if you look back to the fall you will remember the triple digit spasms everytime we saw Bush’s Alfred E. Neumann grin. (What, me worry?) Your grandchildren’s indebtedness was guaranteed by a $700 billion liar’s war and $350 billion blown in the last 3 mos of Bush’s term with no idea where it went.

At least they will have the satisfaction of knowing this money will be spent on keeping their parents and grandparents afloat.

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