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Fill In The Blank: My life would be perfect if only_______________?

Asked by Johnny_Rambo (888points) February 20th, 2009

There’s always something missing, ambitious people always come up what is this time ?

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…if only I could find my soulmate.

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I could get 20,000 lurve points.

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tb-I’m not much into the soul-mate thing, but I knew this girl once and Ive never met anyone else like her EVER, it was way too late for us and really complicated so we gave it up just in time…but I dig what you are saying dude, there is that special someone out there, mine passed me by. Everything after her has just been average. ):

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… if only he was here and was still in love with me.

Dog's avatar

My life would be perfect if only I could sleep in tomorrow.

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…If only I could focus and finish this ten page paper.

Take care of the little things and the big stuff will take care of itself.

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…if at least one of us could find a job!
...if I wasn’t in pain everyday, all day.

Johnny_Rambo's avatar

Sorry about the job thing augustian, it will get better just dont give up.

augustlan's avatar

Thanks… I sure hope so.

KrystaElyse's avatar

….if only I could learn to accept and embrace life’s imperfections.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

I could kiss Auggie’s ass.

Jeruba's avatar

…I could radically redefine perfection.

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

ahhh…I needed that, girly

peyton_farquhar's avatar

…I could just be content with the person I am and not constantly feel the need to improve myself.

rooeytoo's avatar

If I could just stay in the moment, not lament the past and worry about the future. Because now is basically pretty damned good.

MacBean's avatar

I second Lan’s ”...if I wasn’t in pain everyday, all day.”

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people weren’t killed by drunk drivers.

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@TitsMcGhee I’ll be back soon, babe.

madcapper's avatar

@tb1570 with you there!
also… If I wasn’t in debt

Bluefreedom's avatar

My life would be perfect if only I didn’t have diabetes.

richardhenry's avatar

If I had an zero-gravity room in my house. I WANNA ZERO GEE SO BAAD :(

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… If only there was such a thing”

cookieman's avatar

…If only my wife could find a job.

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if i had a time machine that wasn’t flawed like adam sandler’s in click

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If I could take this weight off.

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…if it weren’t for reality.

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Hmm… Do you want my list in alphabetical order or chronological order?

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…if only those rotten kids and that dog hadn’t started poking around and asking questions.

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Third here for being free of pain.

Winning the lottery would be useful.

Knowing that my children will be amazing adults would provide a peace in my heart.

aprilsimnel's avatar

…I could let go of my fear of putting myself out there and being really seen.

LouisianaGirl's avatar

if only…. I could sleep late and do what ever I wanted to.

Mr_M's avatar

…if only Paris Hilton would call me from time to time to say she wants me and MUST have me.

gailcalled's avatar

If only Milo could hold up his end of a conversation.

poofandmook's avatar

@gail: You haven’t learned “cat” yet? He might be a better conversationalist if you spoke his language ;) Lurve.

Jack79's avatar

…I had my daughter in my arms right now. And it was when I did.

Aethelwine's avatar

…our mortgage and my student loans were paid off.

cookieman's avatar

Lurve for Milo.

pekenoe's avatar

if Eve hadn’t taken a bite from that damn apple.

tinyfaery's avatar

If was able to legally marry my lovely wife, and have my relationship recognized just as any other couple, I’d be happy.

A few million dollars wouldn’t hurt either.

Elumas's avatar

…. People weren’t dying everyday in Africa because of walking miles just to drink polluted water.

poofandmook's avatar

@tiny: Lurve for the few million… you know… just as an afterthought. lol… and also because my roommates are gay and they have a civil union and it pisses me the f*** off that it’s filed in the same drawer as marriages at town hall but they still get crap in return.

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@tinyfaery awww thats a bummer you cant leagaly marry her? Well at least you two know the love that you have for one another.I hope that one day you two can get happily married.Best wishes!!!!

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If only I could meet this one special friend that I had the pleasure of knowing on another site. I always wonder about this person. I wonder how this person sounds and looks. I find this person to be very intelligent and kind. I only hope this person thought the same of me. Trust is a very hard thing to do when you are online friends, so I guess you have to follow your gut feelings.

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If only… husband, daughter and I would be living in Italy with plenty of money and free time.

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My ex could finally understand that my daughter just doesn’t appreciate his fair-weathered parenting style. In or out, decide and stick with it! her words, exactly.

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@cak: Your daughter sounds very wise.

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@cprevite – She has her moments. She’s more in the category of, “over it!” It’s been a long 12 years in dealing with her father and his whims. As a mother, I can’t stand to see her move through the ups and downs, it just kills me that he doesn’t see what he is missing and the pain he puts her through.

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@cak: That would kill me too. At least she has you in her life, and it seems you’re all kinds of goodness.

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@veneziana: Someday. Maybe one out of three anyway.

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tons of money. it’s silly, i know. but money really does matter. but i should be realistic. it’s not like my parents can’t send me to school, i can eat three times a day, between meals, and i’m fat. but there are some things in life that you just want to have. hey, a girl can dream you know.

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@dylzaree—People who say money can’t buy happiness just don’t know where to shop. :D

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…If I wasn’t sick and thus pain free.

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@MacBean I thought I was the only one that thought that my mama laughs at me when I say that because she agrees

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…If only I had better looks :).

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