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What's the next step after I create a web hosting account?

Asked by kernswell (8points) October 13th, 2007 from iPhone

There seem to be plenty of good tutorials on HTML, CSS, and other elements of web development, except that I haven’t found anything that explains in a clear, straightforward way the nuts and bolts of web hosting and how to set up my site.

Is there a resource like this online? If not, what’s the best book on this subject?

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After creating your web hosting account you’re going to upload your files there (the html, css, javascript, etc) the methods available to upload vary from host to host but usually they’ll offer an FTP login and maybe some sort of web based file management option.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an easy way for you to connect, upload, and download files to your section of the hosting server. You can use an FTP program or even your browser to connect and transfer files (just type but you’ll need a username and password provided by the host. If they do not provide these when you sign up they will usually provide access to some sort of file upload utility they make available.

Once you’re able to upload the files, just put them up there with the folders structured in such a way that makes sense to you. Usually I like having a separate images folder, css folder, scripts folder for any javascript etc so you know where to look for thing easily. Just make sure your links internally follow the same structure you’re using. The easiest way to get started is to make your “home page” with the name of index.html (or .htm, .php or whatever types of files you are working with, the index part is the important part) and then that page should automatically load when someone points their browser to

The best online guide I’ve used for getting started in just about any area of web development is w3schools , they don’t go very deep, but it will definitely get you started and they do have a section on web hosting. As for books, I haven’t come across any that start at this point, most are specialized for some area.

You don’t mention who you’re hosting with, but I’ve always found the dreamhost wiki to be helpful, but of course it will be geared toward their hosting packages in areas. Your host should have something similar. If you’re looking more for do’s and dont’s I did a quick search on “basics of web security” and found some decent guides to get you started. Once you get your bearings I’ve always had good luck at the sitepoint forums for specific questions.

Hope the resources help and good luck with it.

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