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Are sec clinton as representative for obama turning away from promises of human rights in China?

Asked by kelly (1908points) February 21st, 2009

Clinton puts world economy and environment ahead of human rights. Now that the Olympics are over, and the US is mum the crackdown on activists and Tibet are going to escalate

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Do you have evidence whatsoever that this administration plans to turn away from human rights? Any? Or are you just trolling with some cockamamie story that goes completely opposite what this administration stands for?

Bush may have talked a good line, but he did nothing, nothing for folks being denied human rights in China! Why the foreign corespondents club did more than the Bush administration, so Obama doesn’t have to do much to do better. I mean, he just needs to do something.

Bush did more harm to human rights by refusing to talk about it. I mean talk, not bluster! The Obama administration knows light years more about the rest of the world than the Bush administration ever knew.

So, to answer this ridiculous question: no. Emphatically no! After years of stagnation in international relations, we are finally going to see some movement to protecting people around the world, and getting them the rights we enjoy in this country.

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Right now, our biggest problems with China is economic and the fact that just about every bit of scrap metal we have is being shipped to them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what China could do with scrap metal…

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I’m just going on todays news reports that Clinton’s meetings with the Chinese had economy and global warming as priorities with no mention of human rights. perhaps “turning away” was phrased poorly.

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You have to read between the lines. Hillary is saying this stuff to indicate that this administration is willing to talk. We care about human rights, but we also have other problems that we want to work together on.

This also says that we know the Chinese are moving forward on human rights, but in their own time frame. We understand that if we take a gentler approach, we’ll get more action. If the Chinese hate anything most of all, it’s being embarrassed. The Bushies were all about strutting about and making folks feel foolish. This is not how you get action. The Obama admin is not going to embarrass the Chinesse as much. They are going to push quietly on human rights. The Chinese understand that we have to be seen to be acting, so they will expect some bombast, but we also want them to understand that we will work in a more adult way with them, compared to the previous administration.

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Not to say that human rights aren’t important, but quite frankly, our economic leverage with China has gone down the toilet, and they’re pretty much holding all the cards at this point. We are owned.

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