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I don’t think I spend too much time online. I’m only online always.

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Not anymore, but I used to.

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I certainly do. Far too much. Thank you for asking. I’m going to go read a book now. Either The Letters of Robert Frost to Louis Untermeyer or Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. Maybe some of both. And I’m going to turn off the computer for the night. Right now.

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Of course! If you had my life you would too.

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@petethepothead Good luck with that. Ha!

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Very much yes

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yes. more specifically, i spend too much time (is there such a thing?) on fluther. everytime i see the words “further” or “flutter”, i’m like ”?!?!”

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Yes, but a lot of that time is dedicated to Fluther and that is considered high-quality time so it is always justified in that regard.

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Ok, so I’m fairly new to Fluther… Am I alone in the clicking-on-the-octopus-to-see-if-I-have-any-NEW-stuff addiction?

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Octopus? It’s supposed to be a jellyfish.

And no, you are not alone (as long as it is a jellyfish you are clicking).

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I don’t think so, but my wife and my nine year old daughter complain that I spend too much time on fluther.

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Yes indeed I do spend entirely too much time online.

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Too much for who?

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@daloon- Who’s on first.

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Whom’s on second.

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No. What’s on second.

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Do not ask for what the bell tolls.

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Now we are talking about thee.

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I don’t know.. third base.

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Pitcher? Catcher? Outfielders? What about the umpire? I’m not going to ask it. Not who. Not what. Not what you know or don’t know. Just tell me the name of that idiot on first that let the ball dribble through his legs? Long shall he live in infamy. On second thought. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to remember that.

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There is no such thing as too much time online. Although if you were to look, you would see my permanent butt print in the seat of my office chair.

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Of course. The internet is the best procrastination tool out there. In fact, I am answering this question to procrastinate.


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Yes. Especially IMing friends…

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Yes and no. Yes, because…well yes. And no because I don’t feel like I ever get what I want to get done done.

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Yes. I certainly do.

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ummmm….nnnoooo.Okay yes guilty as charged.

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Oh yeah my whole family does, But internet broke at the house a few nights ago and won’t be fixed till next week. So for the first time in maybe months we all finally sat down and had dinner and a movie together except my other sister.

So yeah too much

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This is something new in our world—really we are the pioneers. It’s hard to know, now, what is too much or too little. It’s a new phenomenon. And as the economy seems to be changing dramatically, who knows what role this new way of communication will mean for us in the future. We are the cutting edge here.

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Yes, I’m sure I do. I learn a lot online, and being online is an important part of my professional life. But I’m well aware that I used to read more before the internet was such an important part of my life, and I definitely regret that loss.

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Oh definitely. I’m working on it, though :]. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to say “no” to this question.

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Oh, for sure I do. When I get up in the mornings, I turn this on first thing. I have the speakers turned way up so I know when a mail comes in. Gotta go see who & what it is. I IM up to 4 people during the day. When our granddaughter comes out, she brings her laptop. She sits in the living room & we IM back & forth. It cracks us up. My husband, on the other hand, is rolling his eyes. OH WELL!!!

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@Darwin Oh yeah, it IS a jellyfish, isn’t it? Ha!

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I LOL’D at this question- considering the obvious of Fluther.

I am going through a mental funk/seclude yourself from society in weird ways stage of life, therefore I sit my fat ass in front of this cop-out WAY more than I should. I am wasting life, but it’s just so addicting to do that these days.

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When I see a computer on line than I can t help my self.Just taste it….

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Yes. I am taking online courses, then I wander onto the internet and..well, it’s a vicious cycle.

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i can say yes,because i work online.

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i used to only spend a little time online
but i am spending more and more these days since i quit teaching…
seems like i spend hours just keeping up with different people’s progress…
my attention is constantly being drawn to something else
mostly all interesting :)
it’s like cities
i don’t really want to live in one
but that’s where all the interesting people appear to live…

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I spend alot of time online, but I also SAVE time in meatspace due to being online (doing research, finding directions to places I’m going, etc).

I’d going to totally lie to myself & say that they even out in the end.

“I’m CatInTheHat and I’m an Internet junkie…..”

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only always!!! :D

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More today than yesterday.
But not as much as tomorrow.
And repeat.

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Oh yes, watching shows online, playing world of warcraft, chatting, youtube… my day would be pretty boring without the net.

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Whenever real life offers more I would abandon online. Define more : meeting/ hanging out with people who are authentic. I wouldn’t say “No” to an invite with someone nice just to be online.

I’m online more than my 12 year old daughter so that says something. It’s cheaper than going out the same hours I spend online. Hah!

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Seeing as my paramore happens to currently be in Oregon, yes I spend too much time online. But I do it out of love.

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Definitely. I can say so confidently because it cuts into things I need to be getting on with IRL. There’s a lot of dreck out there, but intelligent places like here (for example) are a black hole for me. Between the questions, looking at the answers, clicking links to related questions, checking out intriguing Flutherers’ profiles… yep, three or four hours disappear really quickly.

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