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When you're in a sad sorta mood do you listen to sad and slow or cheery music?

Asked by MrMontpetit (1838points) February 21st, 2009

Do you listen to sad, slow, “emo” music to fit your mood, or do you listen to fast paced, cheery music to try to cheer yourself up? I usually listen to the former.

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When I am feeling blue or melancholy I prefer the same music as my mood. I especially like Janis Ian, Between The Lines. It draws me in with it and then I feel so overwhelmed it just all comes out in a flood. Then, voilĂ , I start feeling better. It’s like it drains the saddness out of me.

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Sad and slow. Something to sing along to.

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Sad and slow.

Songs like:
To Build A Home – Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson
Colorblind – Counting Crows
Freshmen – Verve Pipe
Mostly anything Damien Rice (Delicate, Amie.. Etc)
Iris – Goo goo dolls
Hundred – The Fray
Trouble, The Scientist – Coldplay

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I forgot to mention, I usually listen to the Canadian artist “City and Colour” (Dallas Green)

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I play what I feel. If I’m feeling bad, it’s the blues or middle eastern flavor stuff. If I’m happy, maybe something in a major keep, with lively rhythm.

oh, who am I kidding? It’s always the minor key and modal stuff (D-minor is the awesomest!)

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I listen to Portishead when I am sad.

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Depends upon what I am sad about. If it is something from the past, I listen to music from that particular era. I try to avoid sad as much as possible. Deleriously happy or out of control goofy is so much better.

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@MrMontpetit I loooove city and colour!

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I listen to upbeat, “four-on-the-floor,” rockin’ music when I’m sad, like The Hives or something.

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Sad and slow. Dido, The Postal Service, Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Sarah McLachlan…basically, anything that will let me focus on how shitty I’m feeling enough to make myself cry and get it all out; then I start feeling less sad, start listening to more hopeful music, and eventually I’m in a better mood.

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@Ashpea9288 same here, DMB is a must. So is the Postal Service.

Also, Pinback

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Sad music haha.
More like jaded music.

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Joni Mitchell’s Blue album does it for me when i’m blue.

“I am on a londely road and I am travelling, travelling, travelling,
Looking for the key to set me free.”

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@chelseababyy – I love Pinback. Blue Harvest is one of my favorite songs of recent years.

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@chelseababyy For some reason, the Postal Service’s “Sleeping In” always gets me bawling like a baby if I’m sad :P

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though lately i’ve been listening to bright eyes/conor oberst regardless of my mood, i tend to listen to whatever matches my mood. if i’m sad and i start playing really optimistic, upbeat music, i usually just get more annoyed.

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It’s Snoop Dogg or Dr. Dre for me. Why wallow in my sadness? How can you be sad listening to Snoop?

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@aprilsimnel HONESTLY I love all of their stuff, esp AFK, for some reason I just love that song.

@Ashpea9288 I love that song, also the district sleeps tonight, and of course their rendition of “Such Great Heights”

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I LOVE their version of “Such Great Heights”! Ugh, they’re so great.

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If I’m feeling really sad I know I can listen to something that’s pretty depressing (for a lot of people) and it just sort of kicks me out of that mood. I’ll hear something really hopeless and full of angst and think “damn, my life’s nowhere near that bad” and I’ll feel better. Pink Floyd does it for me.

At other times, getting up and dancing makes me feel better. Yeah, I’m one of those. :^>

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slow music. it would help me sleep and make me better when I wake up.

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sad…you’ve got let the feelings ferment and fill your soul before they drift into release and happiness

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When I’m sad I definitely need music that goes right along with my mood. It’s not music that will cheer me up, myself, family and friends will do that. For me it’s more like music is the one who will just be there with me, has been through it and can understand what I’m going through, and most importantly can sympathize.

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Recently I’ve been listening to slow paced music, but with cheery lyrics when I’m in a bad mood.

Kind of like Jason Mraz.

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Sad music. Nothing beats the band Right Away Great Captain.

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Sad music. Try Elliott smith. It helps me relate to my situation so I can better handle it instead of ignoring it with something cheery and insincere for the situation.

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cheery music! dance especially. it’s fun and you get to lose yourself in the electronic beats

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