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Why did just my pinkies fall asleep?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11287points) February 21st, 2009

I woke up this morning and both my left and right pinkies were asleep. I was sleeping on my back with my arms to my sides. How does THAT work? Hey doc…

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Pinched nerves?

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It’s in the medical book I have and it happens to me when I lay on my back. It seems like it was a symptom of congestive heart failure but I can’t really remember. I’ll have to look it up if a doc doesn’t write in.

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You most likely were lying on your elbows, leading to temporary entrapment of your ulnar nerves (the so-called funny bone). Was the pinky side of your ring finger also involved? It might have been but you didn’t notice. This is a common problem that occurs to people at night (see the picture of the man with the bent arm in the link). You can also scroll down to the treatment section to see if you want to try it out. I bet that this doesn’t recur (or at least, it happens infrequently). But, if the numbness hasn’t improved, or you have it frequently or have associated weakness in your arms and hands,or any other associated neurologic symptoms, then see your doctor for an evaluation.

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well let’s just hope it’s the temporary ulnar thing =D

I just thought it was weird.. been sleeping on my back all my life, never had that problem before. weird.

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Is the sensation back to normal again or do they still feel numb?

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oh they’re fine now, though i noticed that with my keyboard setup it seems really easy for my left pinky to fall asleep now too.. do our nerves get more sensitive with age?

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Not sure about the age thing, but with the computer it is probably all an ergonomic problem. Your arms are bent funny, or, your elbows are propped on something?

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@shilolo yes, it is propped up.. just seemed weird for it to be pinky only

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That’s the ulnar entrapment for you. Try repositioning your arms so that aren’t propped on something and see if that helps.

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I put a little cushion under my left elbow while I’m on the computer for just that reason.

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Ulnar entrapment… sounds like a great movie. @augustlan yeah will have to try that.. i hate my desk lol

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