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Have you ever intentionally freaked a stranger out?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23996points) February 21st, 2009

If so, why did you choose to do it and what did you do?

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Nope. But I’ve always wanted to get a big bear suit and do funny things to random people. No.. not THAT kind of funny things.. jeez…. sick people..

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Yes just for the fun of it and the timing was right! We pulled up to the dumpster in an old truck and acted like complete hill billies and it was hilarious!!!!

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sometimes i like to silently stand behind people at work, and when they turn around..WHAMMY! i club them to death.

not really, but i can dream…

but i do sneak up behind people at work (it’s a library, being quiet is part of the rules)

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Oh, all the time! I live in NYC, and sometimes it doesn’t work because people in NYC are just jaded. But sometimes it works, and then I lol and lol and lol.

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@TitsMcGhee i love NYC, because someone can be standing in the middle of the sidewalk, screaming at people that don’t exist, and locals will walk by and be like “hey, screaming guy, your zippers down!” and completely ignore his ranting. it’s great.

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Sure, when I worked at a haunted house. I was a trail zombie. I did it for five hours a night every weekend in October.

In real life, sometimes I will say random things to people just to get a reaction. Once my wife and I were walking along the trails by the river and as we passed this older woman, I pointed to my wife and quipped, “She just got out of the funny farm today.” The older woman, without missing a beat, replied, “Looks like it.” We laughed our asses off over that one.

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When I was a kid, I used to hate grocery shopping. So if my parents dragged me along, I’d beg to be allowed to stay in the car. I’d duck down and hide to watch what other people in the parking lot were doing. When I caught someone doing something like picking their nose or a wedgie, I’d reach up and honk the horn.

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@MacBean now thats hilarious im gonna try that next time why didnt i think of that? I`m adding you to my fluther because of your humor!!!

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did i freak you out? awww…that’s just ‘cuz you know me…

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When I was a senior in high school my friend and I used to park our cars on the street that all the sophomores used to get to the store and back to school. We’d park directly across the street from each other and when the kids walk or rode their bikes in the street we would honk at the same time. Sometimes it wouldn’t make them jump at all, other times we got kids that nearly collapsed. Good times.

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one time, i like just ran up to an old lady and pushed her over. and i laughed and laughed.

did that freak you out?

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Only for Improv Everywhere stunts. Nothing on my own.

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My siblings and I used to speak Svelterlander (an imaginary Nordic language) in various international airports. Swedes and Norwegians would catch a bit of it and come dashing over, hoping to talk to a countryman or two. But when they would get close enough they would realize it was unintelligible and would wander off muttering about Finns.

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I don’t know if this ever ‘freaked’ people out, per se, but when I was in high school, my friends and I went to some restaurants and stood right by the window where the booths were and stared at people while they ate while we rubbed our stomachs and licked our lips like we were starving or something. Some of the looks we got were priceless. It was always good for a laugh.

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@Bluefreedom I’m pretty sure that freaked people out. XD

By the way, GQ!

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I’m known to start screaming “SATAN” from time to time, really loud, with my head cocked to the side and my right eye twitching like Scrat from Ice Age. Preferrably on a bus or other means of public transportation.

It works best when I wear a hellishly expensive Jack Victor pinstripe suit with briefcase and all the trimmings. CEO-look.

Usually my friends freak out more than the strangers do.

What can I say, the things I do ^^ ... sigh

As for the why? I like to mess with people that take themselves too seriously, and I’ve won contract negotiations in return for stopping it ;)

Other than that it’s so funny to watch how people respond to it, haha.

Am I being myself too much now?

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yes… it was pouring down with rain one day and i was in town at lunchtime taking a break from work and on my way back i was stood at the taxi rank getting soaked through.

I saw a man pass by with an umbrella and offered to give him £10 for it. (I was quite flush with cash at that time!) He said…“you can get these for £3.00 round the corner” I couldn’t as i was in a hurry. He took the tenner off me.

I went and stood back in line at the taxi rank sheltered from the rain and no more than 2 minutes later a taxi turned up. I handed the umbrella to the next person waiting in line and jumped in the taxi leaving dumbfounded faces.

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yep. My girfriends and i play a game when were driving around town. The driver pulls up to an unsuspecting pedestrian and rolls the window down of the passenger side door and locks all window controls. It’s akward and quite funny!!

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I have this AWESOME gorilla mask. It’s frightening. Around Halloween, I like to wear it around the office so that when people come in… I also like to stick my masked head in other peoples offices unannounced, regardless of who else is in there. I’ll do it to the CEO. As it says in my profile, I’m irreverent!

Then, at times, I’ll wear it when I open my door for the trick or treaters. Scares the carp out of them!!!

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When my boys were infants they attracted a lot of attention when I took them out because they were twins. At times I got a bit tired of the typical “twin questions”. (dang, with twins I was just tired a lot if the time!) one day in the mall I stopped to rest on the bench with my double stroller and all the other baby paraphenilla and an older lady sat down beside me and started in with the questions.
She noted that one baby had an oxygen tube from his nose to a portable tank and I explained he had pulmonary problems that required oxygen.
A minute later, as they both began to fuss, she asked me what I did when they both cried at the same time. In a deadpan response I answered,“I just turn off his oxygen and it shuts him right up. ”
She gasped and took off before I had the chance to explain that I was kidding.

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If you don’t count backseat mooning, then No.
Or making my car horn bleep (with the remote locking button) as people walk by, then No.
Or, having really obnoxious rings tones from time to time, then No.

But I have not mooned since high school. I am reformed man.

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Of course! I was at a convention for some seminar I can’t care to remember, and everybody had to wear name tags. I spent a large portion of that weekend learning peoples names, then striking up conversations with them like I had known them for years. I freaked a bunch of people out, but I also made some great friends!

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Yes. I pretty much scare any stranger that looks me in the eye. But I try not to.

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@90s_kid it’s your emo moptop, hustler.

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:O It’s not emo!
That is the most recent picture of me. In the photobucket page, there is a more recent picture. Actually, it isn’t more recent but a better picture :).

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photobuc…what? just give me a link. i’m old and too lazy to waddle down into the interwebs.

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My step dad’s favorite activity is to sit at the window of wherever we are, wait until people are standing right next to/behind/in front of his truck, then hit the automatic starter.

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My sister just had a baby and my mama was watching her and then we went to wal*mart out a fake baby that looked insanley real in the carseat and when people would look into the window to get a better look at the baby we would jump and scare the crap out of them or push the alarm button. It was hilarious.

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I love freaking people out. Really.

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