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How do they do fake cocaine in the movies?

Asked by pplufthesun (591points) February 22nd, 2009

How do they do fake cocaine in the movies? I’ve always wondered how they did it, do they use an alternate substance, do they fake the snort? How do they do it?

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Powdered superfine sugar or powdered milk. Not too much! The actor should exhale through the rolled-up bill or whatever, and not inhale. Do it quickly enough and the audience can’t tell the difference.

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according to some, in Scarface, it isn’t faked.

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baking soda, probably. has the same texture and the same look, and that’s usually what cocaine is cut with anyway.

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In the movie Blow, they used Vitamin B powder.

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I’m pretty sure that most movies showing the use of cocaine actually involve the use of cocaine. Someone (or a lot of people) on the set has some anyway, and nobody’s ever going to arrest an actor and production crew for that. Same with weed: when you see someone smoking pot in a movie, I’ve always believed they’re really smoking.

Now, I feel like it’s different with other drugs. Heroin in particular is probably faked. But coke and weed are probably the real things.

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Steven Drozd definitely uses real heroin in the movie The Fearless Freaks

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