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What do you call male and female genitalia?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) February 22nd, 2009 from iPhone

I was Wondering if any of my fellow jellies have different names for genitalia what are yours?

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Me first!!
Hmm ha is va jay jay
Hoho is Wang

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Ying and yang.

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I call mine HUGO!

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Unfortunately, my wife calls mine Percy.

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Penis or dick and vagina or pussy.

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When my daughter was younger, I referred to them as a schmeke and a hoochie much to my wife’s chagrin.

Now that she’s six, we’ve started introducing the real terms (penis and vagina).

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Hoo-ha or kitty is vagina

Hoo-hoo or manly-parts/manly-bits is penis

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The Sugar Bowl and Little Smokey. However when speaking to my children I refer to them as vagina and penis.

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And now I will never be able to attend the Hugo Awards again without thinking of @AstroChuck

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@IchtheosaurusRex Lurve for Fred & Ethel. ha ha

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Sir and Ma’am?

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On top, they’re The Girls.
On a man, it’s The Little Brain.
On a woman, it’s La Couche.

But what do I know of country matters?

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Normally I just refer to them as a penis/dick and a vagina, but a few other terms are occasionally used as jokes, most common are ‘Him’ and ‘Her’

Like aprilsimnel, there are also ‘The Girls’... and of course ‘The Boys’

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How ‘bout Richard and Gina?

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Bean as in “she is a bean flickr ”

And much to my wife dismay PePee. Haha love it.

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Mine is Wang and my wifes is Sha-naynay. Ours are bi-racial even though we’re not.

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manpart and mousetrap

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Jean Simmons named his testacles but believe, me I do not know their names. And I do not care to know
Ding dong
OK, I am clicking the “stop following” question now. :)

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

The Octogon

Lady Bait.

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The lion.
Oh why did I say that???

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ok this explanation will take some work, and it’s not exactly what I call the genitalia. But Here we go. I’m a sign language interpreter and there are plenty of signs to for the genitalia, some more crass than others. But I’ve had a few clients that were a bit shy about the whole thing (slightly odd for Deaf people since there is a certain amount of bluntness in the culture). Anyway, their sign for genitalia could only be describes as “Down There”. Imagine pointing “Down There” but as far away from “Down There” as possible.

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female: fou fou
male: winky

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The New Adventures of Fou Fou and Winky!
Coming to the Cartoon Network this Fall

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@cprevite I wonder who would draw those, and if anatomically correct is best?

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i don’t think i stick to specific terms, but i hate when people use ‘kitty’ or whatever, it grosses me out so. much. ugjubhddfihjdfk.

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Don’t pet the kitty, tiffyandthewall don’t like it. :-)

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penis – pocket rocket, trouser snake
vagina – squeeze box, muff, beef curtains

lol :P

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@KrystaElyse I’m sorry. “Beef Curtains” is just nasty.

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depends on context. I often use the vulgar versions when I’m with friends, but would never write them here. And obviously have special names for them when I’m talking with my daughter.

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King Dong

The Sugar Shack

The Erector Set


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Female – “vagigirl,” pronounced “va – JIE – girl”
Male – “peep”

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Dirty Bits
Twig and giggleberries
Copulatory Organ

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I’d be pretty sad if I had a peep

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@90s_kid: I call my boyfriend’s thing his “peep” all the time, and he’s not sad.

P.S. – It’s bigger than yours.

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@girlofscience nice.

i prefer “uglies” as in, “bumping uglies”.

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OOoh don’t start.

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@90s_kid: Don’t start what? You are making me furious today. You are so annoying.

I am not prejudiced against you because you are young. There have been other young Fluther users whose contributions I have appreciated immensely.

Yours, however, are just unbearable. GAH.

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That was mean.

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@girlofscience: From what I saw, you just made fun of a fourteen-year-old boy’s penis size. Unprovoked.

While @90s_kid may be a little annoying sometimes, you’re clearly the one with maturity issues.

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[mod says] Flame off, please. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

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wouldn’t it be the topic “in hand” given the subject matter?

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@cprevite – very good!

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Her lower parts:
Fitte, mus or vagina

Her upper parts:
Jentene, puppene or tittsa

His parts:
Pikk, kukk or penis.

In norwegian, that is.

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Um…this is definitely not an excuse, but I am eating dinner :P.

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I’m also pretty fond of “baby maker”. As in, “right in the baby maker”.

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@Vinifera7 “Baby maker” is whose? Yours or mine?

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I think it could be either.

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For some reason my mom used to call vaginas ‘po’, I have no idea why. I prefer cooch or cooter.

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omg, this thread has made me laugh until i cried.

I call it a penis, or peen. And vagina is vagina. Sometimes vagingo. Not seriously though.

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Part A and Part B (A is the penis).

I had not thought of it in years, but then in the last 10 years I have come to know tons of people named Peter, and a couple of my friends named their sons Peter—Peter is what we called a penis when I was little.

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Pokey and twizzer.

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