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A guide to hand raising etiquette?

Asked by ezraglenn (3499points) October 14th, 2007

I am in a discussion based class with annoying hand raisers. I need to give them a lesson in hand raising etiquette. I couldnt find anything on google. One of many questions I would like answered:
When do you raise your hand in response to someone else? While they are talking? When it sounds like they are almost done? When they are finished?

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In discussion based settings, the only time I’ll raise my hand, is to signal to the teacher (moderator) that I wish to speak. Usually this only occurs if I feel like the person talking is making a lot of points that need to be addressed, without letting anyone else get a word in. Does this make sense? I will also use hand-raising as sort of a signal to the person, that there are other people who wish to speak. I think it really depends on the setting of the discussion. Generally I feel like it’s rude to raise my hand while someone else is speaking, if I wish to be recognized to speak next, I will make an attempt to signal the teacher (moderator) without being as obvious as raising my hand.

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I usually perk up and make eye contact to indicate that i’m going to be raising my hand when it looks like they’re going to be done.
When i’m talking, i make all my “next person to answer” judgements on whoever’s been paying the most attention when i was talking. (assuming they actually want to answer next)

Also, sometimes no hand raising is necessary. I don’t find it rude when people raise thier hands, because they are showing interest in what I’m saying.
(sorry for my answer being completely unstructured…)

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I have always learned that you should raise your hand after the person is finished speaking. I teach my students that it is rude to raise your hand while someone is still talking. To me, it seems like the person with the raised hand is no longer listening to the person talking, but instead is going over what they are going to say next.

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If you don’t have a moderator, raise your hand when you think you have a point, make sure the teacher notices that you have raised your hand then make the point, be as polite as possible, even if the other person doesn’t even deserve to live in this world, remember, a good argument is stronger than anything, always win through words and reason, and wisdom… sometimes is better not to say anything at all…

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i had several teachers who each had their own rules. the best system that i recall was ms. banker’s system: when you have something to say, raise your hand at that moment, even if someone is speaking. when the teacher acknowledges the raised hand, put it down. when the current speaker is done, re-raise your hand politely.

most importantly, you should set your own rules and expect them to be followed. kids are smart and they like systems.

in an environment where it is impractical to establish rules, one should always assume that the appropriate time to raise a hand is only when the speaker is finished speaking.

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