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Watch recommendations?

Asked by jackley (283points) February 22nd, 2009

I really love that watch, but at 5000$, it is not very accessible.

What watch do you like?

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I like the 6 dollar special at Walmart. Never understood why people spend so much money on watches.

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I’m a Timex girl myself. I like that they are durable (though I always break them) and have nice stop watch capabilities

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I don’t wear watches anymore, but I have to have a watch to act as my alarm clock. I get one (currently Timex Ironman) that has multiple alarms. I actually wake up to the the chirp-chirp-chirp and I detest regular alarm clocks.

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fossil and toy watch

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I have a coach watch that my company gave me for 25 years service. It’s really nice and so far I have had the same battery for 4 1/2 years. The cost was 500.00, but they probably have less expensive ones.

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I’m not a fashion expert so you can take this with a grain of salt (and I’m sure you will)...I don’t know why that watch is $5000, it looks cheap to me. What is it made of? Unless it’s platinum, I don’t see where it’s worth that much. I’d rather have a simple Timex like mrswho.

The last time I spent any real money on a watch ($250) my husband lost it.

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I like the choco cat watch I got from my happy meal a la mcDonalds.

and also this Movado watch I got from my boyfriend. Its beautiful and delicate.
it’s the bottom middle one

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Omega, Rolex or Seiko, Citizen

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Get one of the Hello Kitty watches from McDondals. $2 and lunch. Great deal! I have a Sponge Bob watch I got there years ago. It still works great & I get comments on it all the time.

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I actually most of the time wear a Timex that has two time zones on it. My son is serving in Iraq & its an easy way to keep up with what time it is where he is.

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Get a portable sundial.

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I have a Casio G Shock watch I wear at work. It’s solar powered and atomic, so it updates daily and you never have to adjust the time. I love it.

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I have a couple of Diesel watches that are very nice and seem to last for a long time. My first one is five years into the same battery. It keeps good time, it’s stylish and it feels nice and heavy on my wrist.

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Speaking of portable sundials, here’s a fun one: “link”:

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Omega, have you lost it man?

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The link I provided should give a good sense as to what I am looking for. Simple.

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I don’t always go to links, so don’t expect everyone to go there. This should have been said long ago.

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Swatch! Because I am a child of the 80s and used to wear 3 at a time. I think I still have some of my old ones somewhere.

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I bought a $15 watch at Wal-Mart while I was waiting for a part to come in to fix my Seiko. That was 15 years ago. The Seiko died, but the WM watch lives on.

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