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When is your birthday?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) February 22nd, 2009

When should we sing and give you loads of cake?

Mines this Wednesday the 25th of February.

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Happy soon-to-be birthday Elumas!

mine is October 25th

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March 5th. Happy almost birthday Elumas!

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march 4th

sooooo soooon

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Mine was Feb 6th. You missed it! Gimme my stuff!!

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March 13 =) (Another Friday the 13 btw)

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On the twelfth day of April, my mom gave birth to me…not a partridge in a pear treeee.

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July 3.
69, but hate crabs.
Also, I was born in the dog year. I HATE DOGS!
That’s why I say I am “Libra” (Conception Date), and for Chinese Year, I say “Rooster”.
I love Roosters!

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April 11th! Doctor said I was supposed to be born on the 1st, I should consider myself lucky.
Imagine this scenario: every present you recieve is a gag gift. =(

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September 17th. 1987♥

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I’m gonna give you all lurve just because I’m feeling all birthdaytastic and generous.

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July 12, and I share the personality traits of my fellow July 12 babies, Julius Caesar and Bill Cosby. I have a nice sense of humor for a dictator.

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August 23rd.
I’ve never met someone with my birthday.
My half birthday is tomorrow!

A little girl I’m an aide for on the bus, her birthday is Wednesday as well. She’s having a Hannah Montana party, you guys should totally team up and throw a rager.

PS. Happy birthday in advance. :).

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October 30th.

I wish I was born a day later :(

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@onesecondregrets Haha that’s cute, wish her happy birthday for me and tell her not to go too wild with that Hannah Montana, she gets crazy. :)

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8th of March, I was a month early.

Year of the Water Dog

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I was born on a Full Moon in October, that’s why I’m a crackpot.

(Year of the Gila Monster)

I know a girl that was born on Halloween & her parents named her “Candy”.

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@KrystaElyse Be jealous of my friend Barrett then. October 31.

only birthday I can remember in fact

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June 28th. that date just looks cool

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Being born on Halloween gives you mystical powers.

They say if you’re born on Friday the 13th, then all Friday the 13ths are lucky for you.

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The Thursday before last (feb 12th).

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March 5th

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April 1st

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January 4th

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March 3. Lots of Pisces here!

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February 29, so you’ll have to wait till 2012

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@Elumas…she is a rebel without a cause, isn’t she? Haha, will do though. :).

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September 27th.

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Wednsday.. or is it Tuesday.. bah.. either way I’m not interested in leaving my 20’s just yet.

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@dragonflyfaith That’s my wedding anniversary. :)

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@jonsblond Very cool, congrats!

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August 21st, 1986.

Leo, Water Tiger by the Chinese calendar, and quite frankly if you don’t like what that makes you, suck it up. Lying just makes you a liar.

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@dragonflyfaith Thank you!

@asmonet You’ve been missed. :)

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@asmonet aww… my late dad’s birthday also.

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@jonsblond: My bro has been updating me occasionally, I feel the vicarious lurve.

@chyna: It’s a good’un. :D

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November 4th! Election day tends to fall on my birthday quite a bit.

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@lizarrrrd I still expect that birthday hug Wednesday. :)

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