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Can you add something to flat laytex paint to make it semi gloss?

Asked by lynzeut (876points) February 22nd, 2009

I have some flat paint that I would prefer to be glossy. Can I add something to it, or is there some type of top coat I could paint over it to give it a sheen?

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i think the proper way to do this is have them mix it in for you at the paint store. other wise it wont be mixed right.

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Glitter is about all you can do.

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You can mix in a water based polyurethane to get a little gloss, for higher gloss paint a layer of the poly over the flat paint.
Paste floor wax over the flat gives a nice finish, hand rubbed gentle sheen, hard work though.
On any of the above experiment on a small preferable separate piece before you tackle the wall.
Why not just get the same color in a glossy?

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@pekenoe it is a 15” X 18” area so for the sake of not purchasing a whole gallon, I purchased the sample size. I will have to try the paste floor wax. Thanks for the info.

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@lynzeut You’re welcome, I used the floor wax on distressed furniture that I made, really nice feel. Not permanent though, will need to be waxed once in a while.

The craft paint at Walmart works good for small projects too, just needs a protective covering.

Let me know how it came out.

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use lip gloss LOL

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How did it come out @lynzeut ?

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