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Why are people phony/two faced?

Asked by babygalll (2753points) February 22nd, 2009

They complain about certain people one day and the next day they are hanging out with them. I don’t get why people are like that. How do you deal with people like this..especially when they are family?

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-Because their lives are pathetic.
-Because they have nothing better to do.
-Because they are jealous.
-Because people like to feel like they have control. i.e. making people cry, hurting peoples feelings, trying to belittle people.

I think that covers a lot of it.

My family is TOTALLY two faced. Half don’t talk to the other half, some others don’t talk to certain ones. It’s a big ball of fire being around my family. You just have to not let yourself stoop to their level. Say your aunt is talking shit about your mom, or grandma. Just tell them you don’t want to hear it. Or just nod. Don’t take it any further, and don’t, I repeat, don’t add fuel to the fire.

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Everyone has a Jekyll and Hyde. Some are just more capable of suppressing the latter.

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You’d better off ignoring them. You can’t change their attitude, so why would you? Listen, if you have to, and walk away as if you heard nothing.

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Some people enjoy drama and events in their lives. Being two faced allows for a lot of this.

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They are sinners and fall short the glory of god.

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Because a mob member threw acid in their face during a trial to bring down the Falcone crime family.

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Some are this way because they want to please everyone others are gossips or can’t stand on their own two feet. I try to stay clear of these people as much as possible.

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Everyone has this affliction to some degree. Human nature I suppose.

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Anyone has a tendency to become a bit two faced after getting flamed for letting their true feelings be known.

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@shockvalue Best answer here. Hands down.

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shuddup Holden Caulfield.

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I think @chelseababyy was a bull’seye. Lurva.

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@chelseababyy Haha, thanks. Sorry for the nerdgasm.

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i guess because they’re human or something.

not to say that being a beeotch to people is something that should be accepted, but i think a lot of people (if not most) have negative opinions of people that come out sometimes, whether they mean them as strongly as they seem to or not. it doesn’t mean they don’t want to hang out with that person or hate them or something, just that something about them is on their nerves. sometimes when they get talking about it, other negative things about that person come out too. i don’t know. i don’t like two faced people but i’m not going to pretend that i never talk about anyone ever.

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People are changeable. It could be hormones, it could be the weather, or circumstance. Occasionally it is hypocrisy. Take it in stride; nobody’s perfect.

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There was a girl I knew who was two faced. I was always nice to her but she backstabbed me and started making up things about me behind my back. I tried confronting her after hearing what others heard from her and asked her why she was doing that. However, she said that she didn’t know what I was talking about and continued with the backstabbing. It was disgusting. It wasn’t until I realized that she was just a spoiled, two faced person that I began to completely ignore her. She was always jeaous of me. People are like that because they have everything in life and are so bored with what they have they think they can just take everything for granted and hurt innocent people. Next thing you know, others find out and the truth is revealed. After all, lies always come out in the long run.

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