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I've changed my Region on my MacBook 5 times and it's in the wrong region, what do I do now?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) February 23rd, 2009

I’m in Region 4 and it got changed to Region 2 and back more than 5 times, what process do I have to go through to be able to switch again? The guy in the Apple re-seller said I would have to replace the motherboard… is that true?!

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The DVD Player region? I’m afraid that I think once it’s set, it’s set. You don’t have to re-install the motherboard though (it sounds like he’s trying to make a unnecessary sale); just reinstall Mac OS X Leopard using the discs that shipped with your laptop. Maybe there’s a hack to change it, I’m not sure.

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Oh, or you could use VLC, which is regionless:

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Try and delete every preference file of DVD player with AppCleaner. Otherwise, like said, backup you data and reinstall Mac OS X and if that fails, you indeed have a problem…

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well guys, the problem is, the dvd player region lock is also in the hardware as far as i know, you could try to flash the firmware, if i remember correctly there was a pretty good site for it

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I would call Apple Tech Support and see if you can get an answer from them before you try anything that could void your warranty.

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It’s hardware set. you could replace the DVDplayer or buy an external one. There’s a reason why it warns you everytime you change it…

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@wilhel1812 If you know that for sure, then there is no reason to reinstall Mac OS X, so, do you know that for sure?

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Contact AppleCare if you are covered for it under warranty. If not it could cost you. Typically you have 90 days of it free from the date of purchase. If you got the AppleCare extended protection plan you have 3 years from the date of purchase. Your coverage can be checked at Otherwise I would visit an actual apple store (not a re-seller like best buy or compusa) if you live near one. If you do live near one make sure to book a genius bar appointment before going in so you don’t have to wait around. You can do this by visiting the store’s website. To do this go to

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The region coding is in the firmware of the DVD player. Reinstalling OS X won’t help, but it won’t hurt either.

If you’re still covered by AppleCare, contact Apple. You get five switches, ever, so don’t make this mistake again.

If you’re not, look at flashing the firmware, as noted above.

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Have a look at this page

I doubt that Apple will do anything to help even if they could as the region coding is there to protect content producers (think film studios) and if Apple are seen to be bypassing it it may not put them in the best postion to negotiate content for iTunes store now would it.

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Thanks everyone, unfortunately it wasn’t me who changed the region for the last time… but I’ll try everything you’ve suggested.

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@TheDeadWake, how would setting up an appointment with a genius help ? it doesn’t take a genius (pun intended) to see that this is his own doing, and that there’s close to nothing he can do about it…

flash that sucker, or pop in a new one

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@iwamoto, you’re right. i work at a premium reseller, and there’s no way that he will say anything else than “buy a new one”

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