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How do you wake up in the morning?

Asked by joli (633points) October 14th, 2007

To get to work on time when your body clock wants to sleep later. I’ve been using overdrive; extra loud volume from the local university radio station. (Random pics from students.) I’m in the position of setting the standard on time arrival for younger co-workers.

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My husband usually wakes me up… That and I rely on lots of coffee !

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I wake up on 6.45am (11.45pm your time) and then I have 55 minutes go get up, clothing, breakfast. Then I go to school by bike. Nearly every student has to go by bike, but only the lucky ones go by bus… ;- )

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Try going to bed earlier, your body needs 8 hours of sleep a night to feel refreshed. You can also try pitting your alarm clock across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

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My schedule varies, so I program it into my iCal on my iMac, then set the alarm to open a song I like to wake up to a specific amount of time prior to the ‘event’... which currently is Jill Scott’s “Gotta Get Up”

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hearkat: Can the Mac do that?! Do you put it in sleep then?

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i have two really loud alarms. At 6:55, my regular alarms starts making its loud screeching sound and keeps doing so every 5 minutes. But that doesnt wake me up. At 7:15 my cellphone starts playing “Stairway To Heaven” guitar chords in full volume and that kind of wakes up me and alot of other people

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It’s not from lack of sleep, I wake up naturally around 8am. I think the loud trick works the best, and music is a treat. I have the alarm where I need to reach way over to tap it, or get up. I set it for 5:45am with the intention of getting up at 6am. I literally pull the little table it’s on closer to the bed and hit the snooze as long as I can get away with it. I recently changed the clock in the kitchen to 15 minutes fast. That helped me get in a mode of get going and get out! I have a bad habit of slowing down if there’s extra time, then I start adding tasks to the pre-work agenda. I remember it’s fast, most of the time, but it still reminds me of my goal which is not be last minute and stressed upon arriving at work. My younger co-worker is appreciating any ideas. She wants to be on time, but is a night owl. Thanks!

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No; my iMac doesn’t sleep – I only put the screen to sleep, because I have it running Folding@Home all the time.

Music wakes me up even if it’s not loud, provided I choose a song that isn’t too mellow and has vocals, because once I start singing along in my head, I can’t fall back asleep!

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I am AWFUL at waking up…I need to be downstairs at 6:30 and it take me about 10 minutes to get dressed and look presentable before 6:30, sooo….I wake up at 5:20. My alarm clock is across the room and it gets louder and louder until I wake up. I always get up and reset it for 15 minutes later, and it takes about 3 or 4 times of doing this before I can actually get myself up.

I also have it set [4 minutes] fast, but my body is always so exhausted in the morning, it knows I can really get away with getting out of bed at 6:23 so it does that no matter what my mind tells it.

…One thing I can say for myself though is that I’m always on time, so something’s working!

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I never have and never will be a morning person… I need at least an hour to do my morning rituals, and I really love making my morning cup of organic green tea and milk. Also, preparing the night before (clothes, lunch, etc.) helps me feel more collected and ready to go

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I am a morning person…I do have an alarm clock across the room from the bed, but I usually awaken before it goes off. I then hop out of bed…pack my hubby’s lunch and my lunch, iron his clothes and mine if needed and then I shower, brush my toofies and go to work.

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