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How would you characterize a G-chat conversation versus an msn/aim/yahoo/other chat platform conversation?

Asked by mirifique (1540points) February 23rd, 2009

My observations:
1) Higher prevalence of usage of deadpan/dry humor, irony
2) More neutralized, homogenous online “personas”
3) Greater tendency for people to “vanish” (end a conversation mid-stream without saying goodbye, etc.), perhaps due to increased distractability/multitasking of users

Subquestion: how has G-chat changed your communications and relationships?

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If I use any chat protocol, I use it through Adium. The only differences I notice are between users. I don’t usually even think about which protocol is in use.

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My Gchat conversations are the same as my AIM. I’ve had AIM since I was like 12, but Gchat for maybe the past 3 years. I load my AIM contacts in my Gchat, so they’re literally exactly the same. I talk to the same people on both, and we have the same types of conversations.

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I use Gchat so I don’t have to use a desktop app. It’s really simple (both in use and appearance). I also have it set up in iChat in case I ever crave aqua.

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I only use gchat to talk to a few people, namely my mother and friends who are abroad. What I like is the convenience that I can leave them a message that they’ll come back to later when they happen to check their email – which people are always bound to do.With a time difference of 5–6 hours (I talk mainly to a friend in London and an ex in France), it’s hard to time that shit! It’s nice to know that they’re definitely going to see my message the next time they sign in, and it’s cuter and more casual than an email. Plus you get that little “plunk!” sound if they happen to come back while you’re in the room and you can squeeze in a few minutes of “real” conversation.

I don’t think the conversations themselves are all that different, except for the fact that since you are talking to someone who’s clearly checking their email it’s definitely more likely to end abruptly or be more “distracted” since they didn’t sign into AIM or something specifically to sit around and talk to people.

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Sometimes I’ll chat on Facebook, where I’m polite and let the person I’m chatting with know when I’m signing off. I don’t use any other chats, though I have AIM and Gtalk.

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