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In your opinion, what are the top five most important events in history?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) February 23rd, 2009

Ordered as:

1. Most important.
5. Least important

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1. Creation of the Universe*
2. Whatever wiped out the dinosaurs
3. Mankind discovering the ability to start and control fire
4. Mankind creating a language/way of communicating with each other
5. Me being born (this one is probably more important to me than it is to any of you)

*However it happened

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Within human history:
1. Language: oral and written
2. Simple machines (the wheel)
3. Agriculture
5. the Internet.

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1. The creation of the Universe.
2. The extinction of Dinosaurs.
3. America’s emergence from the United Kingdom.
4. The invention of the Internet.
5. America’s September 11th.

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I’m just going to steal @EmpressPixie‘s list as it is so good.

I will add: “Within modern human history”.

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1. The Big Bang
2. Development of the Scientific Method
3. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
4. Creation of Earth
5. The Creation of Life (However you choose to understand it!)

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1. Ronandl Regans Birthday
2. Babe Ruths Birthday
3. Bob Marleys Birthday
4. Rip Torns Birthday
5. My Birthday

Wait all of those are on the same day!

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1.God sharing his love by creating us.
2. God offering His son so that we could return to how God meant things to be before we as humans screwed things up.
3. Hiroshima and Nagasaki being bombed.
4. VanGogh’s death.
5. The NES was brought to America.

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the old chestnuts,
splitting the atom
the wheel
geez, kinda hard to put ‘em in order, I’ve been fussing with which is more important….lol….

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have you been reading about the idea that it was cooking that gave humans the evolutionary edge?

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1. The discovery of DNA
2. Voltaire’s ideas
3. The
4. Boats/floatation devices
5. Iced tea

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1) Development of agriculture
2) Rise of cities: a class of people who could live on agricultural surplus.
3) Rise of orgnanized religion (important to history, not nrcessarily good or bad).
4) Invention of the printing press, which brought access to knowledge and ideas to millions.
5) Modern medicine.

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1. language
2. fire
3. the wheel, pulley, all those other machines you do 5th grade experiments on
4. abacus (because then came calculator and let’s be honest, my math is AWFUL).
5. the cold war (mutually assured destruction might be the only thing saving either of those countries at this point, without it nuclear/wwIII would have gone down awhile ago I feel).

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Ranching and subsequent steak
Distillation of alcohol
Discovery of fermentation and subsequent brewing of beer
Creation of downhill skiing
Creation of the NFL

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1 .leader

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