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What are the white trailers you see behind airplanes in a blue sky?

Asked by Elfman (449points) October 15th, 2007
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contrails or vapor trails

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those are called contrails!

That’s a great word. They’re trails of condensed water—condensation trails—made by the water vapor coming off the plane’s engines.

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When I was a child – more years ago than I care to disclose – I asked my father and I thought said they were “paper trails”. I had a vision of guys shoveling reams of white waste paper out the back of the plane. I had no idea why, but I was just a little kid…

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just throwing out a wild conspiracy theory here…

if nothing else, there are several topics there that make for interesting reading. fun to freak out your friends and coworkers with the craziness.

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sorry, if you do look at, look for the links about “chemtrails”... which is what I intended to say in direct answer to your question.

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