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A little fluther navel-gazing: do you have a theory about the questions you ask or answer?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 23rd, 2009

Do you try to ask questions to kind of keep things in motion? Do you answer a certain type of question, or are there certain issues that draw you more than others?

I seem to be drawn by the relationship questions, but lately, they seem to be getting to be the same questions over and over. So I’m getting tired of them. I also love, love, love the questions that can allow me to tell a silly story. I like the way that sends me off into my imagination. It’s an adventure and I have no idea where it will go.

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I ask questions when I want to know something. Or when I want other peoples opinions on things. That’s my theory.

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i like questions that afford the opportunity for humor and interesting back and forth. and i like it when you don’t have people who are up their own arses about fluther commenting. overly short or overly long explanations tend to turn me off.

as for questions, if i need to know, i’ll ask. i don’t ask to keep things going.

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My theory is drum roll… whatever I feel in the moment.

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I’m very erratic. I like to spread a little of my presence, my knowledge, and my sarcasm all over Fluther. No question topic or answer is completely safe from me and I don’t have any ideal favorites in this regard either. Just think of me as an equal-opportunity Flutherer.

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It’s the group dynamic that is the fun part of Fluther.
I seldom come here for just information. I come here for opinions. And fun.

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That really depends, most technical or hands-on questions I ask usually mean I simply don’t know. If we touch on philosophical/political stuff and the likes I might seek confirmation of a “theory” I have already formulated.

Depends, really.

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I’ve asked very few questions thus far. A couple were because I couldn’t Google an answer I needed. Two were opinion questions. I answer any question that strikes my fancy, so there’s been a wide range.

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Just about the only type of question I won’t answer is a technical/computer one. I ask a variety of types, from the philosophical to the mundane “tell me how to do this” type. I don’t think I’m very consistent about any of it. Except actually being here. I am alarmingly consistent about that.

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Following a serious life altering depression, I have been on something of a late life spiritual quest and I have asked questions here for guidance. And it has helped, mostly in the sense of not taking things too seriously. I will be trying to lighten up.

And I do like to ask and answer questions that force people to think things through and perhaps see things from a different perspective.

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I tend to answer technical ones, I tend to have little input into situations about life or relationships due to my young age (and care free attitude to that sort of stuff at the moment). I ask very few questions though so I can’t really comment in that area.

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I wish that more people could answer my questions.

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@90s_kid So you’re not getting answers to your questions? Is it that you’re just getting noise? or that you don’t think the answers answered the questions? Or do you just not agree with the answers?

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Well, I ask more opinionated questions, so it’s more for the more ansdwers you get….I was expecting at least 30 rather than 6. But some are okay. Another thing is when people try to cut corners with me :S.

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