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Should I get the Nikon D200 or the Nikon D300?

Asked by Curious404 (1021points) February 23rd, 2009

I am new to digital photography, but want a camera that has potential to grow with me – one I can keep for years. I don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money on a camera when I can get the tools I need with a lesser model.

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Well, I shoot with a Canon so I’m not the best person to answer this question. I have an XTi and love it if that’s any help – I know Nikon and Canon have pretty comparable lines. My photo professor had a Canon D50 and I’m overcome with jealousy every time I shoot with it.

One thing to keep in mind is that even these HIGH level cameras are somewhat “disposable” in that if they do break, they will likely be more expensive to repair than to replace, especially these SLRs that cost hundreds rather than thousands of dollars. Annoying as shit? I think so, too. Didn’t stop my from buying one, however. :)

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According to Ken Rockwell:

“The D300 has better color, better highlights, better shadows, better AF, a far better finder, a better LCD, much sharper images due to automatic color fringe correction and triple the battery life than the D200.” #

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Get the D300. It’s a great camera, if your new to photography there will be a learning curve. But you’ll love it. Check out a review of it on There they compare the 200 to the 300.

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I shoot a D200, if money is no object get the D300, if you want to save a good deal of cash for a lens get the D200. When it comes right down to it there’s not that much difference between them. LCD is the “big” improvement. Check Canon out also, they have a better sensor than Nikon for low light pix in their upper end DSLR’s, less noise.

I have a Rebel 350 that I’m looking to upgrade to a D30 or D40. The Canon is also a bit lighter and smaller if that is an issue. Lens cost about the same. You can use older lens on either, Canon needs an adapter wheras Nikon doesn’t.

I like them both but the D200 is quite a bit above the Rebel in options. Either will take great photos, the lens and the person holding the camera are more important than the camera. Welcome to digital photog, have a ball.

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Hee, hee you have to ask??? Come on if I could afford it I would get the D300. heehee (rubbing hands together)

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@cooksalot: haha. I know. I’m looking for someone to tell me the D300 is really not that cool :)

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Good Luck! LOL!

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@Curious404 If you want a reason to get the D200 over the D300 then do it to save money to buy a great lens. Some cheap lenses attribute to terrible image quality. Even if you have a Nikon D3x, a cheap Sigma lens or a kit quality Nikon will render the fact that you have the best Nikon $8,000 can buy meaningless.

I know with sensors and RAW processing chips the camera is more than just a light tight box like it once was considered but shit going in to the camera, no matter how good the camera is, is still shit.

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@astrofoo: Appreciate your thoughts! Good thinking.

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