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When was the last time you've done something stupid like turn a bottle upside down with the cap off?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) February 24th, 2009

So I’m at work drinkin some OJ and I got to thinking when I shook it…what if the cap wasnt on and I spilled it all over the carpet? Then I started thinking, how often do people make stupid mistakes like that, and what are their initial reactions? I know if I had actually spilled the OJ – my jaw probably would have dropped and then I would have laughed a little…then tried to cover it up and got the shifty eyes lol.

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One morning I was so tired when I got up that I poured myself a cup of coffee with the mug upside down.

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One morning I was making coffee in my French Press. I grind the beans in a small electronic grinder and tap it on the counter to dislodge anything stuck on the side. I was specifically thinking, “I wonder what would happen if I opened this up while tapping it?” when my hands decided to open it up while tapping it. Coffee grounds were all over the counter. I was dumbfounded as to why I did it, it sure wasn’t a concious action. So I shrugged and cleaned it up.

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I do stupid stuff on a daily basis.

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I’m pretty careful, so I don’t usually do things that are clumsy like that. But one time I spilled an entire box of Good & Plenties on the floor at work.

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It probably wasn’t my most recent booboo, but once when I was waiting tables, I poured an entire pitcher of sweetened tea into my apron, which already had in it my cell phone, a bunch of cash, and paper I had written down people’s orders on. On top of that, it was the last pitcher of sweet tea in the restaurant, a barbeque restaurant. Ah, that was a bad day…

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I commit at least one stupid accident a day that could have been avoided. Today it was filling up my water bottle at the water cooler with the lid on it. Water went all over the floor.

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One year we had an ice storm that covered our living room windows so badly that we couldn’t see a thing out of them. I tried to scrape it off, but it was too thick. I went inside to get a large glass of warm water (I know!) and came back out to toss it on the window. I was soooo lucky that the window didn’t crack. I knew better, I just wasn’t thinking at the moment.

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Doesn’t glass only crack when going from hot to cold very quickly?

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@Jayne Hot water can crack icy glass.

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Recently, I was having a sandwich with my boyfriend at Subway and we had to leave. I planned on finishing my sandwich at home so I wrapped it up and went to throw out my trash. Instead I threw out my sandwich. I stood there for a moment wondering why I had a napkin in my hand instead of my sandwich and went, “Oh, I threw my sandwich away.” My boyfriend could not stop laughing.

Another time, I called a friend of mine to chat with him and midway through the call I asked him where he was and he responded with, “You called me on my house phone.” That was a great blonde moment.

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@Jayne – no, it works both ways

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@KatawaGrey that reminds me of the time I was in an Arby’s & I as going to throw my trash away. I let go of the tray & the whole thing went in the can. Clear to the bottom. I couldn’t grab it to get it out. My best friend & I were laughing so hard we could hardly walk out the door.

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the day before valentines day my friend gave me one of those packets of sugary goodness and the sugary stick thing – fun dip i think – and i was putting my pencil in my bag and totally didn’t realize i was still holding it and i dumped the entire packet upside down in my bag. and of course, i’m lazy and i didn’t clean it out for like a few days, so every time i took a pen out i’d be trying to clandestinely brush the sugar off without anyone noticing and being like “wtf” haha.

oh, also.
in chemistry – which i am failing miserably with a dandy 40-something percent – we had an easy lab just because it was the day before winter break, and my teacher was pitying us because we never have easy days. so anyways, we’re making rice crispies, and me and my partner totally burned the goo to the bottom of the beaker. like, beyond burned it. my teacher soaked it overnight and had his lab aid scrubbing at it and i don’t think they ever got it off.
we also nearly set something on fire making popcorn on another one of his BS labs. no wonder he doesn’t do them often. :p

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Making food in chemistry?

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Years ago, on election day I ran into an old boyfriend in the middle of the crowd at my polling station. I said, “Hey… what are you doing here?” Well, duh.

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This stupid moment happened in 3rd grade, but I’ll never forget it:

I was at school during recess playing on those bars that you can hang from. I can’t remember the exact term for this, but it’s when you sit on the bar with one leg in front and the other leg in back and you fall forward and swing around the bar (sorry gymnasts). Well, I went to do this but had both legs in front of the bar. As I fell forward, I landed face down and ended up with a bloody lip and a mouth full of sand. :( Darn stupidity!

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@jonsblond: Aww! Poor kid. That actually reminds me off a story my mom told me about when she was in third grade and hurt herself spectacularly.

One day during the winter, my mom was walking to school and tripped and fell on the ice. She had been walking by herself so she decided to check if she was bleeding (she did a lot of falling in those days). She wiped her hands all over her face and checked. There was no blood that she could see so she figured she was all right. She walked into school and scared the hell out of one of the people at the front desk. as it turns out, her mittens and coat were both blood red so she didn’t see anything when she tested her face. Aside from that, she had succeeded in covering her face in blood when she was checking for it.

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one time i poured myself some coffee, then put the cup back in the machine, and walked off with the pot.
i’ve also done what you imagined doing like a million times.
yesterday i took a sip of snapple, but i guess i was too aggressive, because when i turned it back right side up, snapple sloshed back out of the bottle and hit me in the eye.

also, i answered this again ^ without realizing that i already did

@cheebdragon, yep, haha. he relates it to chemistry, but gives us those labs so that we stop complaining about all the harder work he usually gives us haha.

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