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What do you normally do when you're stressed?

Asked by Jude (32134points) February 24th, 2009

Suck up food like a hoover, drink copious amounts of alcohol, clean (feverishly), smoke (even more so)?

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I fluther, facebook, scrapbook, pluck my eyebrows, eat, go to the gym, play bejewled, smoke, watch bad reality TV, and completely and totally avoid the thing that’s stressing me.

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Scratch my head,

Scratch my chest,

Fall to pieces,

Reflexively raise my blood pressure

Scowl at everyone,

and then remember, especially if I am at work, what they are paying me to do and part of that is to deal with the stress so that no one higher up in the food chain has to deal with this particular stressful event.

so you tackle it head on and if you succeed it goes away,

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LikeRadar has it for me! I just totally avoid it until I can’t anymore. Then I’m stressed because of it AND because I procrastinated.

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Clean. I frequently clean. I don’t know what it is about cleaning that makes it easier to calm down. Maybe it’s being able to see yourself getting something done. Maybe it’s just getting lost in the music i’m listening to at the time, or maybe it’s just because when my space is physically cluttered I feel mentally/emotionally cluttered. I’m not sure, but I always want to clean.

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Crank up the blues!
Take a walk in the back yard.
Talk to myself out loud.

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Ask myself why I’m stressing, say “Okay, is it really worth it to be stressed out about this?” “You know what, no…so chill the fuck out.” Then hopefully, if I’m collected enough..I chill the fuck out and life feels easier.

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I eat. Like crazy. And I’m really lucky that I have a viciously fast metabolism, haha. I also procrastinate on or ignore whatever it is I’m stressed about, which is probably not very smart…but hey, my life is still pretty good so I must be doing something right!

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Go to the gym, blast my music and just run.

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I also clean house while bopping to music. Very relaxing and I would agree that it is something you can accomplish almost immediately.

Sleep while listening to jazz is my next choice.

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Eat. But then that’s pretty much my solution for everything.

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I tend to get my nerd on when I’m stressed. I watch lots of Buffy. I watch lots of Firefly. I play lots of Magic and go on Magic deck building sprees.

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@Likeradar wow I thought I was the only person in the world to pluck for stress relief! I’ve had to really control that behavior because my eyebrows were becoming horribly thin.
I also like to clean and reorganize things, or eat and watch too much tv. I spend way too much time on eBay looking for things I must own.

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I sleep and when I wake up the problem doesn’t seem as bad. Or I think about the worst possible scenario that can result of why I’m stressed.

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I smoke. Pot. I have Addison’s disease and my body physically can’t cope with stress and pot is one of the few things that can really calm me down when I’m super stressed.

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@Katawagrey, I watch Buffy, too! It’s the perfect show for relieving stress.

I also go on long, long walks with my ipod. I try to do this one first. You know, tire myself out and then plop down in front of Buffy.

When I lived at home, my favorite thing to do when I got stressed was hang out with my dogs. Animals do amazing things for mental health, I think.

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I tend to organize things, clean (clean house… clean mind), go for a run with my Ipod, walk along the beach; both weather permitting. And, if I’m stuck at home during one of those cold, blustery Canadian winter days; I pace.

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listen to music, sleep, online stuff, sims, sleep, sleep, cry, sleep, read, sleep, complain, sit outside, sleep.

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- take a long walk with my dogs
– bike hard while listening to the rage playlist on my iPhone
– go for a hike if time allows
– blast the music in my car and go for a drive
– play basketball
– try not to think about smoking and how I still miss cigarettes!!

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My knees start to lock up, and get really painful. I get stressed REALLY easily, and I have RSD or CRPS, as it’s now called. It’s more common among older people, and can be caused by stress. It sucks, for sure..

Other than that, I barely eat, I sleep a lot. And I write. Oh, and smoke.

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I cry, I dont care if its childish!! Then, when I calm down, TRY do deal with whats stressing me…

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@elijahsuicide It’s totally one of those things I’d only admit to on the relatively anonymous internets!

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I smoke drugs

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