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Who will buy Leopard if it actually comes out in two weeks?

Asked by gailcalled (54575points) October 16th, 2007

I need a new computer since mine does’t have the dual chips or enough memory and thought I would buy it after Leopard proves itself to be the top cat.

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I plan to buy it, but not immediately. As an iPhone owner, I am curious what changes might become available for better synchronization.

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I plan to buy it, certainly. But if you have an older computer, you might do well to wait. In prior new versions of Mac OS X, Apple would tout better performance on older computers. (In fact, it spawned a pejorative term atrributed to Mac fanboys: “teh snappy.”)

I don’t see much of that with Leopard. In fact, they’ve upped system requirements to exclude all G3s and G4s slower than 867MHz. Depending on what kind of Mac you have, the performance you get with Tiger could be better than with Leopard.

For iPhone, Apple says they plan on including Notes integration (with, and rumors suggest that an iPhone SDK is in the works.

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I’m definitely buying it. I get the educational discount so for 70 its no big deal.

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@mrtom: I have a desktop iMac G4 700MHz with 384 MB SDRAM and OS 10.4.10. For my uses (email, appleworks, web, rare audio or video streaming, no photos, no iPod, no iPhone, Tiger works like a dream). I have learned all the tricks and can fix almost everything..

And since clearly I am left at the starting gate, I will wait for 10.5.2 at least. Not that it is relevant, but living in a very rural area, I still have dial-up and will switch to DSL in a few months.

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I was kind of hesitant, but the new Leopard feature list Apple posted has some things in there that have really got my interest level up higher than before.

Some of the new remote access features and new .Mac additions are looking pretty cool.

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FWIW, that there will be an iPhone SDK is no longer the provenance of rumour. It’s been said by the big (vegan, soy) cheese himself.

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