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Any suggestions for a super-warm pair of gloves?

Asked by sjg102379 (1230points) October 16th, 2007

I drive a scooter during the Philadelphia winter, and I have yet to find a pair of gloves that are warm enough that my fingers don’t freeze but thin enough that I can still have enough manual dexterity to manipulate the throttle and the brakes. Also, my hands are too small to wear men’s sized gloves, which most motorcycle-specific gloves are.

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I would recommend The North Face Himalayan Mitt, these mittens are extremely warm and have good articulation. You shouldn’t have any problem driving your scooter with theses on. I live in Chicago and use these on extremely cold days to walk my dog and pickup his poop with a plastic bag without taking my mittens off. They are worth every penny and very durable.

Good Luck

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i ride a bicycle in philly and i combo a pair of REI gove liners with these waterproof gloves: the liners are essential, but it is nice having waterproof hands when it gets slushy/sleet/rain and you have to ride home.
the number one thing you can do to keep your hands warm is to keep your body core warm… the second is just wind/waterproof them…. third is to keep your fingers together in a mitten. just cruze by EMS or REI and you should be able to find something that works for you.

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I think this requires a combination of Kevbo’s suggestion and an entirely new solution. I ride in SF so I rarely require such desperate measures, but I think what you need are heated gloves. You can get gloves that plug into an accessory outlet on your bike. No outlet? no prob. You can install one yourself fairly easily, or get one installed pretty cheap. Really though, electricity is the only way to minimize bulk and maximize warmth.

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Try some Neoprene lined fleece gloves. You can find them at Bass Pro or Cabela’s or a similar sports outfitter.

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I ride a scooter in New York City and let me tell you my fingers were nearly frostbitten before I found the right pair of winter gloves. Try these gloves on for the warmest winter ride of your life!
“Warmawear Deluxe Gloves with Tecsense”, Code: CF0289US. These gloves come with a build in “heater” that circulates warmth all through your gloves! The best winter gloves ever!


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