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Is there anyway to burn WMAs onto an audio CD?

Asked by writerini (159points) February 24th, 2009

I would like to listen to them on a regular CD player or boombox. Any suggestions?

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Or can WMA play on a CD without being converted?

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Your best bet is to convert to MP3 or AAC first. iTunes will easily do this. Select the track and from the menu at top Advanced—> Create AAC version..

From there iTunes will burn a CD that will play in any CD player. Unfortunately you lose a little bit of quality going from WMA->AAC->AIFF.. But it isn’t a huge deal unless you are an audiophile. {tries to think of a way to insult audiophiles… Maybe later, I just woke up.}

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If your using WMA then not use Windows media player to burn them to CD. It has a nice little wizzard and you barely have to think.

Some CD players may be able to play WMA files directly but it depends on the CD maker.

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